We made a mistake. The Spike protein is itself toxic and dangerous for humans, says Professor Bridle

In a recent interview with journalist Alex Pierson, Professor Byram Bridle, a specialist in immunology and virology, said that this new research and work led him to make important discoveries about the virus and in particular the Spike protein. This protein is the one that has been the subject of numerous studies, in particular on messenger RNA vaccines. As part of his interview, Professor Bridle takes the initiative to explain the elements of his discovery as well as the consequences, in particular for the current vaccination.

Pr Bridle, Canadian, is a virological immunologist passionate about improving life through two avenues of research (1) the design and optimization of new biotherapies for the treatment of cancer and (2) the study of host responses to viruses and other inflammatory stimuli.

It is therefore quite normal that as part of his work he has looked at the coronavirus and he declares:

“Until recently, we never thought that Spike proteins could be toxic! MRNA vaccines, which were first tested on animals and whose studies have never been made public, show that mRNA nanoparticles do not stay locally at the site puncture in muscle tissue, as assumed and claimed by the manufacturers, but go to organs in sometimes dramatic concentrations, where they are transferred from cell to cell and continuously absorbed. “

His work leads him to conclude:

“We made a mistake. The spike protein itself is toxic and dangerous to humans. It is even transmitted through breast milk to breastfed infants “.”

The video of the interview with the subtitles:

The study is published and undergoing peer review. There she is : https://alschner-klartext.b-cdn.net/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/Study.pdf

About Dr Bridle –

On his website, Dr Bridle is presented as a virological immunologist passionate about improving life through two lines of research. One of the components of its research program is dedicated to the design and optimization of new biotherapies for the treatment of cancer. The goal of his research team is to harness the natural power of a patient’s immune system to kill their own cancer cells. This represents the ultimate personalized therapy and holds the potential to treat cancers more effectively, safely and at a lower cost than current options. The second part of his research program focuses on studying host responses to viruses and other inflammatory stimuli. This has implications for the treatment of infectious diseases and inflammation-induced disorders. These two programs have been unified in a unique way. The Bridle laboratory leverages its expertise in manufacturing strong cancer vaccines and combines this with his interest in antiviral immunity to develop vaccines to protect against infectious diseases such as those caused by highly pathogenic coronaviruses. Mentoring the next generation of Canadian scientists is a responsibility Dr. Bridle takes very seriously. He also considers it a privilege to teach students in the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, graduate and undergraduate programs at the University of Guelph.

Center of research interests of the laboratory

The Bridle Laboratory research program has two components.

The first is to develop new highly targeted biotherapies for the treatment of cancers. In an effort to kill malignant cells with minimal spectator damage to normal tissue, two approaches are combined: (a) cancer immunotherapy which directs the power of a patient’s immune system against his or her own tumor (s) and ( b) Oncolytic virotherapy, which uses viruses that replicate and only kill cancer cells. The specificity, systemic targeting ability, and short treatment windows of these therapies promise that cancer patients could be treated effectively with reduced side effects and at minimal cost. The goal is to translate the most promising iterations of these therapies into clinical trials in companion animals as a stepping stone to testing in human patients.

The study of the host’s responses to viruses is a second objective of the laboratory.. One area of ​​interest is the development of a better understanding of the mechanisms underlying virus-induced cytokine storms. Dr. Bridle’s research team has identified an essential role of type I interferon receptor signaling in downregulating a large network of cytokines. Cytokine responses to viruses are often very different between women and men, and the Bridle lab group is trying to understand why. At the intersection of these two agendas is a research initiative to modify the research team’s optimized cancer vaccination platforms to target Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (SARS-CoC) -2, which is the causative agent of coronavirus disease identified at the end of 2019 (COVID-19).

Research funding:

The Bridle Lab is or has been funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), Terry Fox Research Institute, Canadian Cancer Society, Cancer Research Society, Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, Ontario COVID-19 Rapid Research Fund, University of Guelph / Ontario Veterinary College / Department of Pathobiology COVID-19 Seed Funding, National Center of Excellence in Biotherapies for Treatment du cancer (BioCanRx), OVC Pet Trust, The Smiling Blue Sky Cancer Fund, Canada Foundation for Innovation – John R. Evans Leaders Fund, Canada Foundation for Innovation – Infrastructure Operating Fund , Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation Research Fund – Research Infrastructure Program.

The Bridle laboratory is part of the Canadian Oncolytic Virus Consortium, Network of Centers of Excellence in Biotherapies for the Treatment of Cancer (founding member), Canadian Society of Immunology, Canadian Society of Virology, Terry Fox Research Institute, Institute of comparative cancer investigation, Dog Osteosarcoma Group: Biomarkers / Biotherapy of Neoplasia (DOGBONe), One Health Institute

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  1. And now finally will the journalist and doctors push for the FLCCC Ivermectin protocol you know the drug that is wiping out covid everywhere that is ignoring the WHO or will you all cower to big pharma and help them make trillions from this lab created Chinese abomination. This is the biggest atrocity to mankind ever and the willful censorship by big tech ,government,media and big pharma is leaveing blood and on everyone’s hands that are complicit


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