We may play Space Starfield later this year

Space novelty Starfield from the famous studia Bethesda has been in development for several years. The announcement took place at E3 in 2018 and was presented as new generation game. Although new PlayStation i Xbox are already on the market, we haven’t heard much about this mysterious game yet. Yet insider known as NateDrake let him hear that we would they could wait for it already during this year.

So far, we have learned directly from our mouths Todd Howardthat it will be a game strictly for one player with a huge map, which will be up to four times larger than Fallout 4. At the same time, developers are using procedural generation to fill the game worldbut which will be the same for all players. In the end, we probably had the opportunity to watch pictures straight from the gamewhich have leaked to the internet in recent months. Well, as it turns out, so if COVID allows it, so we will be able to play the game later this year.

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It wouldn’t be the first time if you had Bethesda she left information about her games until the last minute. Fallout 4, as Fallout 76 the games were released in the same year as they were officially presented, it is a kind of marketing that a well-known company has been using for a long time. In addition, we are still waiting for her to announce her own big game for this year. Looks like it could be Starfield.

This statement is confirmed by the above-mentioned insider NateDrake, who let it be heard that according to his information, it was planned to release Starfield a few months back in 2021.

“They really wanted the studio to bring us Starfield this year. However, we can only guess what impact COVID-19 has on the title. “ NateDrake wrote in response to Jeff Grubb’s statement about the possible upcoming presentation of Bethesda and Microsoft.

“I’m not saying this will happen 100%, but at the end of last year I heard that the goal was 2021. Anyway, this is a Bethesda game and there may be problems that will cause some delays.”

We may find out more information at the above-mentioned joint presentation, about which was recently reported by a well-known journalist Jeff Grubb. This is to be preceded by a notice under June E3 2021. It is only awaiting the completion of the acquisition by the authorities.


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