We must avoid saturation of the system so as not to have to choose between who to intubate and who not

The Medical Association made a video to make the population aware of the dramatic situation that exists in the city and in the region with the coronavirus. “The intention was to awaken social conscience in public opinion and in the authorities because the capacity of attention of the health services is being saturated,” said the entity’s secretary general, Dardo Dorato, who warned that what is intended to be avoided is having to decide between “who to intubate and who not.”

“The doctors and the doctors see every day how the situation worsens: fewer beds, fewer staff to attend to and increasing exhaustion. We are at the limit, stay at home,” says the association in the tweet in which they broadcast the video .


Dorato explained that the capacity to care for health services, both general beds and intensive therapy, is being saturated, since “patients who require hospitalization for Covid have very long stays, between 15 and 21 days.”

The head of the Medical Association also recognized that there is a lot of stress in health personnel, because there is a lot of contagion and people who must be isolated and taken out of the labor circuit for a long time. “This implies a very stressful decision-making, what we want to avoid is reaching the saturation point like the one we have reached, which forces us to take care protocols, to decide who should be intubated and who should not,” he stressed.

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In this context, he detailed the situation of the Spanish Hospital, which, in essence, stated that it is the same as in the other institutions in Rosario. “In adult beds today there are more than 50 percent occupied with patients with Covid and intensive therapy is all saturated, there are no therapy beds,” he added.

“The nurses are working two shifts a day, that is 16 hours, all week, without a break,” said Dorato, and asked not to forget what it means for everyone to carry out tasks in the face of such a contagious disease: “Only Controlled to avoid mistakes takes fifteen minutes. There is a lot of pressure and not to mention what it means to go home thinking that the virus could be transferred to a family member. “

While he insisted that the number of therapy beds has been improved, he stressed that the problem is the lack of personnel necessary to work with patients with Covid; It is not just any sick person because they require permanent assistance from several people.

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“We make a call for people to stay at home and maintain their distance,” he insisted in a dialogue with Telefe Rosario.

And finally, he issued a warning that reaffirms the moment that the city and the region are living in terms of health, since if the occupation of effectors continues to increase as it has been up to now, it is added the possibility that in the next few days ” begin to make drastic decisions, behind what is called catastrophe medicine protocol, and we must begin to enable places that are not used for hospitalization of any kind “.


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