“We must bring together the airports of Liège and Charleroi”

“I have always pleaded in this direction and it is not impossible that the circumstances are more ripe today. Is it so absurd to think that two airports in the same territory can become “the airports of Wallonia”, “ADW”? We would gain in versatility. Liège takes care of freight and Charleroi takes care of travel customers. We must be able to bring them together in the form of a decision-making cupola. We are going to start this debate while respecting private shareholders and local microcosms ”, underlines Mr. Crucke, evoking“ synergies in terms of personnel and in terms of efficiency ”.

The minister also assures that he has reconnected with Ryanair, which has been asking for several months for help or a reduction in the fee paid to use the carolos infrastructure. “We have reconnected with Ryanair. And he’s good. I don’t see any tangible sign that suggests Ryanair is leaving Charleroi, ”he says.


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