“We must keep a package of measures!”

This Monday morning, Erika Vlieghe was the guest of DH Radio. The opportunity for the president of GEMS, who advises the government, to speak about the fourth wave of Covid-19 in Belgium. According to her, measures must be maintained to reverse the trend.

“As scientists, we don’t play politics. From our point of view, we must use all means to keep the curve under control. What we have been asking for several months is to keep a package of measures that protect against the virus, namely testing, tracing or even wearing a mask, ”she says.

If “the situation would be ten times worse without the vaccine”, Erika Vlieghe does not consider a third dose as a solution to the current wave. Same story about the famous Covid Save Ticket: “we should not focus only on the CST considering that it is the miracle solution that will solve everything (…) On the other hand, investing in ventilation would be much more effective “.


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