“We must save the end of the year period”: the commercial sector requests the reopening of stores for November 28

Various players in the sector also support the idea of ​​a tax credit and support measures for tenants and lessors.

Lhe end-of-year period is crucial for our sector “, alert various players in the Belgian real estate and commercial sphere (UPSI-BVS, BLSC, Comeos & RFB), calling on the authorities on Thursday to act” in order to avoid social consequences. -structural economic ‘.

Among the needs pointed out by the organizations is first the reopening of physical stores on November 28, 2020, subject to compliance with strict health and safety rules. “Knowing that after the first lockdown, an opening of stores went hand in hand with a continued decrease in the number of contaminations. In France, stores are already opening on November 27, ”they plead.

The four federations also support the idea “of an optional refundable tax credit of 50% of the exempt rent for stores which have been financially affected during the period of compulsory closure”, but under certain conditions.

Finally, an appeal is made to the competent authorities of this country in order to take additional measures to “save the crucial period of the end of the year”: it would be necessary to authorize “the maximum flexibility of the operation of the company in December 2020 and January 2021, in order to disperse consumers as much as possible. But also to put in place support measures for both tenants and lessors at federal, regional and local level (exemption from property tax, rental vacancy taxes and all local commercial taxes for 2020) ”.

This cry of distress is pushed by the UPSI-BVS (which represents the owners / lessors of the retail sector in Belgium), the BLSC (which defends the interests of professional retail and commercial real estate players in Belgium and Luxembourg) , the RFB (which defends the interests of commercial chains in Belgium) and Comeos (which represents organized commerce and the hospitality industry in Belgium).


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