we passed the milestone of 15,000 deaths, including more than 5,000 during the second wave

The number of people hospitalized for Covid-19 in Belgium continues to decline and now stands at 5897 (against 6240 the day before), including 1325 patients treated in intensive care (against 1439 still 3 days ago), according to the latest figures from the Sciensano Public Health Institute released on Thursday.

Despite these declines which are confirmed over the days, the number of deaths remains high and the milestone of 15,000 deaths attributed to the new coronavirus has just been crossed, including more than 5,000 during the second wave.

The number of Covid-19 contaminations in Belgium continues to drop steadily, even if it is slower than last week. 5182 cases were detected within 24 hours. On average, from November 9 to 15, there were 4755 daily contaminations, a decrease of 38% compared to the previous 7 days. But that must be considered in conjunction with the 24% drop in the number of tests, which was less than 30,000 per day during this period. A drop that according to experts is not due only to the strategy of no longer testing asymptomatic.

A number of deaths which remains important

The number of hospital admissions due to Covid-19 continues to decline, fairly regularly: 361 new admissions for Covid were registered within 24 hours, and the average now stands at 379,6 per day on average, between November 12 and November 18. The decrease is therefore there, but it is much slower than the meteoric increase observed in October.

Since the start of the pandemic, 39,578 people have been admitted to hospital due to a Covid-19 pathology and 15.025 people died from it. The decrease in the number of deaths is confirmed, but it remains very important, with 186 additional deaths recorded in 24 hours. The average number of Covid deaths thus continues to fall, but very slowly. From November 9 to 15, there was 183,9 deaths from Covid per day, a decrease of 8,3% compared to the previous seven day period.

The positivity rate of the tests, namely the proportion of positive people out of all the people tested, is also decreasing, but remains very high: it is now reaching 19,4% on average between 9 and 15 November at the national level, with significant disproportions according to the regions: it remains over 30% in the province of Liège.

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