We recover meanings of rebound, rebound and retop (Albert Pla Nualart)

When something occurs as a result of another -usually without looking for or anticipating it-, in Catalan we have three phrases to express it: of rebound, by retop i of return. DIEC2 endorses this synonymy by making them equivalent to the adverb indirectly : “This will hurt my partner and bounce / retouch / bounce me.” Spanish only has Rebound, and it would be a shame for this to fall into disuse – as usually happens in these cases – by retop i of return.

And, already to lose nothing, we explore (and recover) meanings of the three verbs from which they come: bounce, retort i retopar. The first surprise is that bounce -except in the sense it has in basketball- is considered a secondary form of rebot, which I only have alive in the sense of throwing something angry: “I bounced the phone against the table.” For me – and I think for a large majority – the ball doesn’t rebound (nor bot ) but bounce (i the world ). The DIEC, on the other hand, collects and prioritizes the first forms. And in doing so, it contradicts the Termcat Neoloteca, which only enters -in this sense- bounce.

Retrue has the basic meaning of giving repeated blows, but also a more playful sense in the slang of billiards (“going to hit, a ball, against the same ball that has impelled it, after having separately ”) and in a card game. In fact, thing -in addition to being a blow (it comes from the sound that two things make when they bite each other) and an ingenious resource (like the tricks of magicians) – it is also the name of a wooden ball, or ivory, to play billiards or bowling.

Of retopar the only meaning of the DIEC is “a body that comes across one thing, another”, but I’m alive “Don’t touch me again!” or “I always find myself”, in which retopar means contradicting reply. My mother, who is from Cassà de la Selva, says so, and the DCVB collects it as a use of the Empordà. And, finally, we should recover the expression “It has no retop”, which means that it is irrefutable, and can be a good equivalent ofIt has no turn of the page ”.


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