“We should have been on the tractor with him”

This Sunday evening, Aurélien died in the village of Baisieux. The tractor he was driving overturned and crushed him. Despite the efforts of the emergency services, the 18-year-old did not survive.

> Here’s why Jérôme, who is one of Aurélien’s best friends, should have been on the tractor with him

> “Aurélien is someone unique, irreplaceable”: Jerome testifies

> Aurélien’s parents explain: “It’s a tragic accident when he was barely driving at 5km / h”

The accident happened in front of the supermarket on the Place de Baisieux, around 8 p.m. The manager of the mini-market, and also Jérôme’s mother, testifies: “He was a wonderful friend to my son, they did everything together. He was also always there for his grandmother who hardly knew how to move around, ”she explains.


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