“We try to revive them”: band “The New Generation” reveals what happened the night one of its members died for allegedly consuming fentanyl

Two members of the band La Nueva Generación die of overdose

The members of the New Generation Band They detailed how it was the night that three of their musicians ended up unconscious in a bar bathroom minutes before starting their live music show.

According to a statement from the group, the three members consumed a toxic substance until now unknown, but due to its effects it could be the opioid that claims thousands of lives a year: Fentanyl. One of them died and the other two were still in intensive care at a hospital in McAllen, Texas.

“We were close to entering and in that case a colleague goes and looks for us all and says: ‘Hey, the teammates are passed out.’ When we entered the bathroom we saw them lying there. We tried to revive them and spoke to the ambulance at that very moment. The police arrived and began to try to revive them. We don’t know if they got anything. We don’t really know what happened. The medical report and all that information is very hermetic. The hospital does not give information to anyone“they told the program Come the joy from TV Azteca.

Sergio Sánchez, who played the trombone, died at the scene (Photo: Facebook)

The newspaper Northwest established that they apparently inhaled a crushed pill thinking that it was some stimulant similar to cocaine, but so far there has been no official statement in this regard.

A video circulating on the networks shows the three unconscious musicians in a public bathroom. “They ain’t playing these dudes”A man is heard saying in the background. Two of them can see some spasms in their hands, but a third is lying almost completely face down and showing no signs of movement.

The joking tone of those filming the video is also appreciated, since it seems that they think that the musicians are like this because they consume alcohol.

Sergio Sanchez, trombonist of the band, was the member who did not survive the toxicity of the drug. His colleagues and family shared a farewell image on social networks: “Goodbye friend, goodbye brother”.

The uncontrolled flow of fentanyl from China to the United States and Mexico has been listed as a global epidemic.

What is fentanyl

(Photo: Infobae México / Jovani Pérez Silva)

(Photo: Infobae México / Jovani Pérez Silva)

Fentanyl is credited with more than 20,000 American deathsIt has spread the so-called opioid crisis and is highly addictive. There are also deaths linked to its production and transfer, since this product joins the war for control of the drug market and human losses are linked to the generalized violence of organized crime.

Fentanyl is one of the most powerful opioids that exist, it is one hundred times more powerful than morphine. An indefinite dose can lead to a fatal overdose, which has contributed to aggravating the opioid crisis that is especially experienced in the United States, and to a lesser extent also in other various countries of the world, such as Canada, UK, Germany, and Australia.

Its consumers usually mix it with heroin, cocaine O methamphetamine camouflaging them in freely marketable pill wrappers. It is sold as a powder, poured into a liquid on blotting paper, in eye drop containers, in nasal sprays, or as pills similar to other prescription opioids. Its value, moreover, is much lower than that of other drugs.

The use of this depressant drug carries a great risk of addictive dependence and overdose. The characteristic features of its consumption -without medical prescription- are reduced level of consciousness, pupil constriction and respiratory depression associated with loss of reflexes and the risk of aspiration.


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