“We turn on our pump twice a year”

The energy crisis affects all Belgians. Nevertheless, some companies are trying to find solutions to help local residents. This is particularly the case in the Quartier Bleu in Hasselt where “Geiser”, a technology using geothermal energy, was installed by IFTech. Thanks to this, the inhabitants pay only €100 per month for their heating, explains GVA.

“We only have to turn on our heat pump twice a year. We then get colder or warmer water through our underfloor heating. We don’t have to take care of anything ourselves,” explain the residents who have tested this new technology. They detail: “Depending on the size of the apartment, we pay a flat rate of 50 to 70 euros for hot and cold. In addition, we pay for the electricity consumption of the heat pump and we therefore arrive at around 100 euros per month”.

GVA adds that the geothermal power plant cost 4 million euros and will be reimbursed over 27 years using the “Geiser”. Fixed two years ago on the price of gas, the contribution of residents does not follow the rise in energy prices. A boon !

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