“We want to prove”: Fazer, Hurtré, Le Guilly… the “tities” of PSG tell their story

In the locker room, it’s the big gap. On the one hand, Formiga, the 43-year-old Brazilian, always present at the highest level. On the other, Laurina Fazer, Océane Hurtré, Jade Le Guilly or Alice Pinguet, aged 16 to 18 and from the PSG training center. But the latter swear it in chorus: “No, we do not have it”. “She’s going to be 43 years old but it doesn’t look like, laughs Laurina Fazer. She has the same delusions as us and her age doesn’t change much. The success of the PSG version 2020-2021 is also this generational mixture.

For several months, the team of Olivier Echouafni, which receives Sparta Prague in the round of 16 first leg of the Champions League on Tuesday, has strengthened with the integration of five “tities”. Even if Hawa Sangaré (18) was loaned to Le Havre at the end of January after signing her first professional contract, Jade Le Guilly (18), Laurina Fazer (17), Océane Hurtré (16) and Alice Pinguet (18) remain. years). With the exception of the latter, a goalkeeper, they all started with the pennant team. “I was a little stressed, remembers Fazer, midfielder fan of Marco Verratti, coming into play against Issy (14-0, November 14). But on the first action, I had to accelerate so I was straight into it. I delivered two assists, it was a good start. “

Real friendship

For his two comrades, he had to wait another month, in mid-December against the Poles of Lezna in the Champions League. “I was not even warmed up, remembers Le Guilly, called after 30 minutes of play following an injury. But the girls gave me confidence and it went well. “Even more at the end of the game, once the score has been acquired (2-0) and with the entries of her friends, Hurtré and Sangaré. Between them, the friendship is real, enough to help each other at the right time. “We’ve known each other for the under 13s with Laurina, for three years with Océane,” explains Le Guilly. We share a roommate with Laurina and Alice, we travel together and if things don’t go well, we can talk about it. “

Despite their young age, a certain pressure surrounds them with the status of members of a “golden generation”. “It shows that we have importance for the future,” Fazer sums up. It makes you want to prove yourself every day even more. “There is a lot of motivation to prove that you are in the right generation”, continues Le Guilly. Double champions of France with the under 19s, these girls already have a solid reputation.

But they are preceded by Marie-Antoinette Katoto, Kadidiatou Diani, stars of the attack of PSG and the Blue, or Perle Morroni and Sandy Baltimore, solid revelations of recent months. All also from the Parisian training.

“Stay a long time and win a lot of titles”

Still in high school or at the beginning of higher education, Fazer, Le Guilly, Hurtré or Pinguet accumulate experience with the pro group, even if the playing time decreases with the end of the youth competitions. In addition to Olivier Echouafni, a man plays an important role in this learning: Bernard Mendy, assistant coach. “He gives us a lot of advice,” says Fazer. Even off the pitch, he can drop us off, he listens ”. Le Guilly continues: “If we have a concern, a problem of confidence, we can go and see it. He is always listening ”. The coach is not left out: “He supports us, encourages us and does not mince words,” smiles Fazer.

All selected in U17, U19 or U20 in the French team, these Parisiennes represent the future of PSG and Les Bleues. Their ideal career is drawn: “To stay a long time and win a lot of titles”, assumes Océane Hurtré, who will be the next to initial a professional contract. Even without this signature, the young striker is put forward by her club. Alongside Kylian Mbappé, Marco Verratti or Presnel Kimpembe, she participated in the shooting of the fourth Parisian jersey. “It was a great experience and it gave great photos,” she says. The first time I attended a session like this. Probably not the last.

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