“We wanted France to suffer the same pain as …”

At the trial of the attacks of November 13 in Paris, the testimony of the Belgian anti-terrorism judge, Isabelle Panou annoyed Salah Abdeslam. He wished to “make a little clarification”. “She spoke of terrorists, jihadists, radicalized… All of these terms create confusion. This is only genuine Islam. These terrorists, these radicals, they are Muslims, ”he continues.

On the large suspended screens, the strangely serene gaze of Abdeslam continues to move, in close-up, according to Liberation. Time chosen for the main defendant to express his feelings.

“So I’m telling you: we fought France, we attacked France, we targeted the civilian population, but in reality, we have nothing personal about them. We aimed at France and nothing else, ”he declares as calmly as ever.

According to Abdeslam, the commando wanted France to suffer the same pain. And his voice has never twisted, informs Liberation.fr. “The French planes that bomb the Islamic State do not distinguish between men, women and children. We wanted France to undergo the same pain that we are undergoing, ”he continued.


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