“We wanted to win this derby for the people of Liège”

Beyond the victory against a great rival, the rise in the Top 4 and the solid collective performance, Mbaye Leye has something to be satisfied after the success against Charleroi. He was able to revive Cimirot in the deep end of the match, Lestienne and Balikwisha were again decisive and, above all, the Liège supporters were able to see not one, but two goals of the works of a training striker. A fact that had become very rare on the banks of the Meuse in recent months. But this Sunday, the newcomer João Klauss put his people on the right track by opening the scoring, and his counter at the same time. And, as if he wanted to show that he was still present and that the arrival of the Brazilian would not be enough to bury him, Jackson Muleka delivered his own by lobbing Penneteau with his head ten minutes from time. A distant duel, therefore, between the two Liège scorers and, above all, the promise of good competition in the coming months, which can only be beneficial for the number 16.

Obviously, after the meeting, the providential striker showed a happy face. “I’m happy to score in this derby. I got injured in the first leg so I came home with a lot of determination tonight and in the end I have a smile on my face. “

The Congolese knows it, the Walloon derby is extremely expensive in the eyes of the main fans. He understood it well and, above all, he did what was necessary to win. “It’s not a game you have to play, it’s a game you have to win. I would have preferred the public to be there, because it’s a derby, we wanted to win it for them and for all the people of Liège. “

And the former TP Mazembe could have sealed the score earlier, but he failed to win his duel against Penneteau. For the moment, therefore, there are three roses planted this season… and all on the back of the head! “I would have liked to score the second goal to kill the game, but it didn’t happen. But I don’t just score with my head, I also know how to score. I was injured for a long time, but it will happen. I continue to work to get back to the top of my game. “


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