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We were able to contact Xavier B., the ex-companion of Fanny Appes and alleged perpetrator of the stab that she received: “It’s not me”


Fanny Appes was stabbed on the train taking her to work on Thursday morning. Quickly, she accuses her ex-companion whom she accuses harassment for several months already. Several complaints had also been filed.

The athlete was hit in the lower back near the spine while on a train near Linkebeek (Flemish Brabant). His ex-boyfriend is now wanted by the police. The public prosecutor’s office of Hal-Vilvorde seized the investigating judge of the head of attempted assassination.

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►► Xavier has been accused by Fanny of harassment for months: he explains

We managed to contact Xavier B. who claims to be in France. He denies the facts. “His attack is unfortunate but I am not responsible for it. I plan to go to the French police and get a lawyer. I will under no circumstances file a complaint against her. I don’t wish her what I am going through now. I want everything to go well for her… ”

►► Where is Xavier B. and what is his alibi? He gives us his version




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