“We were too nice to Putin”

They were about 3,700, Saturday, February 26, to respond to the call of the PromoUkraïna association for a demonstration in support of Ukraine, after a first spontaneous demonstration Thursday. The Alsatian capital has a significant Ukrainian community, linked to the presence of the Council of Europe but also through close links with certain Alsatian associations, mobilized since the Chernobyl accident in the reception of Ukrainian children during the summer holidays. ‘summer. Chechens, Turks, Georgians, Poles, Kurds, Germans, French joined the demonstrators to denounce the war led by Vladimir Putin.

On Place Kléber, amid signs encouraging the people of Kiev to hold on (« Kyiv Stay Strong ») or denouncing the policy pursued by Vladimir Putin (“Putin = Hitler), we embrace, we console, we encourage each other. A young woman says spontaneously: “I have to tell you, people who live in Russia do not agree with this invasion; especially those from other CIS States [Communauté d’Etats indépendants]. » Ambir is Kazakh, she studies social sciences in Strasbourg. And sees with horror the war invite itself to the doors of Europe.

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“Here we can demonstrate and it is important to do so! »

This is also the case of Elizaveta Grosheva. The young screenwriter from Moscow came with her family to the gathering, to convey a message: “The Russians are against the war! » She explains, in the midst of demonstrators draped in Ukrainian colors: “We do not agree with Putin’s aggression. I don’t know of anyone in my family or among my friends who support the war. We don’t want to send our young people to fight in Ukraine. But in Russia people cannot go out to demonstrate. In recent days, 2,500 people have already been arrested. Here we can demonstrate and it is important to do so! »

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Local elected officials, activists from all sides, association leaders and simple citizens came in large numbers. “It has been three days since a broad and unprovoked aggression has taken place in Ukraine. Over the past two days, the bombings have claimed 158 lives, including three children. Putin wants Ukraine to become a puppet of Russia, but that won’t happen! NATO will come, and one day the Russians will be brought before international justice, like in the Nuremberg trials,” assures Boris Tarassiouk, Ambassador of Ukraine to the Council of Europe.

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