“We will have a second wave of coronavirus soon”

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The Buenos Aires Vice Minister of Health, Nicolas Kreplak, said today that it is “very likely” that there will soon be a second wave of coronavirus in the country and clarified that “having all health workers vaccinated” means “a very great advance”.

“It is very likely that we have a second wave ahead of us soon,” Kreplak stressed in radio statements. And he added: “We have a very big advance against the possibility of a second wave, which is to have the vast majority of vaccinated healthcare workers“.

The Buenos Aires official highlighted that “Most of the people want to be vaccinated and are worried about the pandemic”, despite the fact that “an attempt is made to impose a violent agenda from other sectors.” “Extending the time between the application of each dose depends on each vaccine but allows us to vaccinate many more people and thus be able to better control the situation,” he said.

Weeks ago, Kreplak referred to his second wave concern from the start of classes. He said it on the radio program Ruleta Rusa, hosted by Nanc Pazos in Rock and Pop: “between the educational process and winter there is a scene of a big wave of infections”. And he maintained that in some countries where the boys returned to the classrooms, there were “epidemiological problems.”

More vaccines

The country already has vaccines to face the wave of infections, so far there are a total of 2,704,000 doses between Sputnik-V, Oxford / AstraZéneca and Sinopharm.

With regard to the Russian vaccine, it is expected that This Sunday a shipment arrives from Moscow with a new game. Although the exact number of doses that will enter the country is not yet confirmed, it is expected to be a significant sum.

Four flights have already been made to Russia, bringing 1,220,000 doses of Sputnik-V into the country. However, that amount represents approximately one 6% of the total number of committed vaccines, that is, of the 20,000,000 that are expected.

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