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Thanks to corona, we know even better that being overweight is unhealthy and we have become fatter on average from all that sitting. But the worst thing we can do is now be heavy on diet, says obesity expert Caroline Braet (UGent). The morning

“Once you gain certain pounds, it is difficult to lose them. You can still count that within Europe as a community we will eventually have gained up to 3 percent after this crisis. And that we still lose those pounds would surprise me.

But much will depend on how we behave after the crisis. Anyone who sports in a club will be encouraged by that club to become a member again. And perhaps more people will join a sports club because they need more social contact. I don’t know whether we can talk about such a lost generation. ”

But she is not optimistic. Gaining weight is easy, losing weight is not at all.

“Losing weight is not an easy task for an overweight person. If you want to shed excess pounds, you have to do it wisely. And above all you have to be patient. We are talking here about at least a period of three to six months, in which you gradually start to live healthier. And that means: less alcohol, less sweets, more exercise. Do not let yourself be tempted by ‘one cannot hurt’. You also have to take into account that this movement has come to a standstill in the winter for many. The body has to adjust to this again and it will take three months before the combustion is back to what it used to be. So it is not all that easy.

And once you do a lot of you are too fat, losing weight is almost impossible. “We just talked about three to six months of healthy living, but for obese people exercise is often very difficult. That is why it is so important to do prevention. Because once you have reached that obesity status, you are actually trapped in it and losing weight is almost impossible. ”

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