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We won’t stop attacking for a moment

Commenting on the Israeli aggression that targeted the container yard in the port of Latakia at dawn today, Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said, “We are repelling the evil forces in the region day and night, and we will not stop for a second on that,” noting that “this is what we do almost daily in exchange for destructive forces, and we will continue to work, and we will continue without fatigue.”

In this context, security officials claimed today that “the Israeli raids in Syria targeted 75% of Iranian weapons in Syria,” according to the Hebrew website Walla.
The same officials added that the weapons targeted “were sent to pro-Iranian militias and Hezbollah in Lebanon, and that some of the targeted weapons were manufactured in Iran and transported to Syria by land, air and sea, and some of them were made in Syrian territory.”

These officials claimed that “the level of Israeli deterrence against Iran in Syria has been fully achieved, according to data presented to the political level about the size of the attacks that were carried out.” However, these officials could not explain the continuation of the ongoing aggression against Syria, which is taking place despite the “full Israeli deterrence being achieved.”

The officials added that the Israeli raids “included targeting drones of various types, missiles and rocket-propelled grenades, parts of air defense systems, and infrastructure for making weapons.”
In this context, the military analyst at the Ynet website, Ron Ben Yishai, indicated that the raid last night was the first in which Israel targeted the port of Latakia, which explains that there were reasons that necessitated the launch of the attack in a place such as the port, which is the center of life and economy. in Syria”. “This attack may be interpreted as a message to Assad, that Israel will continue the raids,” he added.

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