Weak and helpless, Joe Biden must change course

A year after entering the White House, the American president is accumulating failures, and his popularity rating is plunging. For USA Today, Joe Biden urgently needs to raise the bar and not repeat the same mistakes over the next three years.

It’s been a year since Joe Biden entered the White House, carrying the hopes of an America that badly needs to restore its faith in itself and its commander-in-chief, after four years of Trumpian incompetence and dishonesty. . But throughout his first year in office, Biden has been horribly helpless.

A weak and powerless president

His major investment plan, called “Build Back Better” [“Reconstruire mieux”], worth $1.75 trillion [1 540 milliards d’euros], remained a dead letter: Trump’s successor failed to muster enough votes in a Democratic-controlled Senate.

And it is this same impotence that has just derailed the defense of the right to vote law – and this while Biden did not hesitate, last week, to tell opponents of this reform that they were on their side. traitors and racists.

A president unable to get congressional approval of key projects he has championed so passionately — especially when the House of Representatives and Senate are in the hands of his own party — risks being viewed as a weak and powerless, both in the microcosm



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