Weakened by the loss of a lung, Fanny has not seen anyone for a year: she asks for faster access to the vaccine

For the time being, the people who have access to the vaccine, in priority, are the elderly and the nursing staff. What about people at risk, like Fanny who suffers from a neuromuscular disease? She would like to be vaccinated, but her age is postponing her until June …

Who would dare to assert that Fanny is not a fragile person? Ten years ago, when the H1N1 flu was not as much in the news, she lost a lung. Even though she is young, she has a legitimate fear of Covid. But for now, depending on the age criterion, she will be vaccinated at the same time as the general public. “I understand that I may not be a priority because when I see the mortality rate, especially in nursing homes, that I fully understand. I understand that caregivers must be protected as a priority but I am still more at risk than my 20-year-old neighbor who is doing very well “, says Fanny.

Graduate looking for a job

His request is to create a new category for patients in a state similar to his own. It would allow them to have priority over people under 45 and in good health. Information taken, the message could have been heard. “Regardless of age, some co-morbidities are taken into account, and are currently being analyzed to see if they could not be vaccinated in the 45-65 age group”, explains Jean-Michel Dogné, expert in vaccine safety, Belgian drug agency.

His illness weakens his muscles but not his mind. Immobilized in her chair, she is nonetheless a recent graduate of the University of Liège, now looking for a place as a French teacher.

“I understand that we may be talking about vaccinating teachers, but sometimes I say to myself, if I had taught, I might have been one of those with priority for vaccines, as an essential and risky profession … but I don’t ‘not teach because there is no vaccine. So we have a kind of infinite cycle “.

In the meantime, apart from our visit, she has decided to isolate herself and has not seen anyone for almost a year.

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