Weapons, ammunition and neo-Nazi items found during search

Weapons, ammunition and swastikas. The customs services made a worrying discovery last weekend during a search of a house in the Normandy countryside of Eure. Earlier, two 25-year-old men were arrested for refusing to submit to a customs check, said the prosecutor’s office in Évreux Dominique Puechmaille, confirming
newspaper information The world.

“They were intercepted, they had weapons in their vehicle,” said the prosecutor of Évreux Dominique Puechmaille, adding that one of the two men is a corporal in the 35th Infantry Regiment of Belfort (Territoire-de-Belfort) . But “it is especially the searches carried out then which were interesting: there was an arsenal, a lot of ammunition and objects with swastikas”, she added.

130 weapons and 200 kg of ammunition

The weapons were found in “a cache in a hangar belonging to the grandfather of one of the two individuals”, according to Dominique Puechmaille. The magistrate did not specify the number of weapons seized. According to The world, there were 130 weapons, including AR-15 and AK-47 assault rifles, two submachine guns, handguns, two shotguns with sawn-off barrel and butt, 200 kilos of various ammunition, grenades, five 20 mm cartridges for aircraft machine guns …

The two men are still in custody as part of a flagrant investigation into offenses relating to the legislation on the possession of weapons, according to the prosecution.

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