wearing a mandatory mask in confined spaces, a tool against a possible second wave

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Emmanuel Macron announced on Tuesday July 14 that the mask will be worn “Mandatory in all enclosed public places” from 1is August. A way to limit the risk of a second wave of the Covid-19 epidemic, which has caused the death of 569,000 people worldwide, including just over 30,000 in France. “The date has been set to allow time to implement the legal measures and to raise awareness and preventive measures to adapt behavior. There is impatience but a fortnight, it will happen quickly ”, specifies an adviser to the Elysée.

Wear the masks, “We do it in transport, it works very well, but it’s a bit erratic in closed public places”, underlined the head of state during an interview with the TV channels TF1 and France 2, by also recommending to his fellow citizens to adopt him too “To the maximum when they are outside”. July 11, in a column published by The Parisian, fourteen doctors called for this compulsory wearing of masks in confined spaces. Others did the same the next day in https://www.liberation.fr/debats/2020/07/12/donnons-nous-toutes-les-chances-d-eviter-une-deuxieme-vague_1794066″>Libération.

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“Prevent and prepare”

The announcement was well received by trade professionals. “It’s a great measure, estimates Jacques Creyssel, general delegate of the Federation of the companies of the trade and the distribution (FCD). It is simpler that it is a general decision rather than by brand. Because it avoids putting the responsibility on the store and that customers tell us “You do more than the others” », he explains, adding that checks may be organized at the entrance to the shops. “We must now see how we organize ourselves for customers who arrive without masks. Most large food stores sell them and it will probably be possible to buy them at the reception before entering the store. “

Faced with the relaxation concerning the respect of barrier gestures, observed everywhere, including at the highest level of the State, Emmanuel Macron insisted: “The best prevention is barrier actions”, as hammered in recent days by health authorities. Gold, “On this, we see weaknesses”, he regretted. To the question of whether the epidemic is starting again, Emmanuel Macron replied: “There are signs that it is accelerating. We have signs that it is still starting up a little. Faced with this, we must warn and prepare ”, even though travel will increase during the holidays.

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