wearing a mask compulsory everywhere in the Hautes-Alpes by prefectural decree

Faced with the deterioration of health in the department, placed under enhanced surveillance this week, the prefecture has stopped wearing the compulsory mask from the age of 11 throughout the territory.

A poster “wearing a compulsory mask” in August 2020 in a street in Lille

The Hautes-Alpes department, already placed in enhanced surveillance, sees its health constraints harden. By prefectural decree, Prefect Martine Clavel made wearing a mask compulsory throughout the country from the age of 11 from Sunday.

The measurement is permanent in inhabited areas and in so-called natural areas if it is not possible to maintain a distance of two meters between two people. However, people with disabilities with a medical certificate are exempt, as are people practicing physical activity in the open air.

Degradation of health indices

This decision is justified, according to the prefecture, by the deterioration of health indices. The incidence rate reached 281 per 100,000 inhabitants on February 7, ie a rate higher than the national average. The positivity rate rose 2.6 points in one week to 8.6%. The English variant now represents 61% of the positive tests counted in the department.

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