Wearing a robe on the bed.. Sumaya al-Khashab grabs attention with the latest look.. Look at the moon

The artist, Sumaya al-Khashab, published a new picture of her on her personal and official account, on the social networking site Instagram, and she appeared in that picture while she was inside her house on the bed, and she wore an elegant white robe that appeared in full.

Somaya left her long black hair loose in a distinctive way, and commented on that photo and said, “The real beauty is to be true to oneself.”

It is reported that several disputes arose between the artist Sumaya al-Khashab and the singer of festivals Omar KamalThe last period, due to the clip of their song titled “Promise you”, and despite Kamal’s announcement of a dispute between them, he did not fully announce the real crisis that caused the dispute.

Omar Kamal said, Sumaya al-Khashab is a great artist and is happy to cooperate with her through the song “I Promise You,” but she is upset with her because she breached the agreement to cooperate with her through the song “I Promise You.” The song achieved great success in Egypt and the number of views reached 10 million.

But the song could have achieved views of up to 40 million, if its agreement with me was completed, but a reaction came toxicity of wood Strange, as she completely ignored the matter and did not respond or comment on what the singer Omar Kamal said.

Which means that she did not want to respond to the matter, as some also interpreted it as a lack of interest from her in the clip, especially that she was not keen to publicize it enough, to reach more views than what he achieved.

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