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wearing the restored mask in the open air in frequented places in Paris, and in sports facilities

In a queue, at a demonstration, in a market … Wearing a mask is once again compulsory in Paris in the open air in frequented places, and closed places subject to the health pass. It has also become compulsory again throughout the country from Friday, November 26 in sports equipment, both indoors and outdoors, in the context of the resumption of the Covid-19 epidemic.

  • In Paris, the wearing of a mask is once again compulsory in the open air in crowded places

This decree from the Paris police headquarters, published on Friday, comes in the wake of the restriction measures announced Thursday by the government to fight against the upsurge in the number of Covid-19 cases.

In a press release, the prefecture emphasizes that “The territory of Paris and its metropolitan area is currently experiencing a rapid deterioration in its epidemic indicators”.

Wearing a mandatory mask is re-established outdoors during “Any gathering, demonstration, meeting or activity organized on the public highway”, according to a statement. It is also used in festival and performance venues, as well as in markets, flea markets and unpacked sales, including Christmas markets.

In the vicinity of schools and universities, as well as near places of worship, a mask must also be worn, as well as in the queues. These instructions also apply to closed places where the sanitary pass is required, such as cinemas, theaters and sports halls.

The Paris police headquarters stresses that the recalcitrant will be fined, as will the operators of places open to the public who do not control the pass. However, this obligation does not apply to people with disabilities who have a medical certificate. It will also be possible to travel on two-wheelers and to play sports outside without a mask.

The mask is already compulsory in other cities in France, such as Strasbourg in the perimeter of the Christmas market. The prefect of the department of Gironde and the New Aquitaine region, Fabienne Buccio, announced at a press conference that she was going to write a decree to impose this Saturday the wearing of the mask outdoors in very frequented places. , particularly in the city centers of Bordeaux and Libourne.

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  • Wearing a mask restored in sports equipment

In addition, throughout the country, the wearing of a mask has become compulsory again from Friday in sports equipment, both indoors and outdoors, the sports ministry announced in a press release.

“In order to effectively protect everyone against the virus, compliance with barrier measures is strongly recalled and the wearing of a mask becomes compulsory again for all in sports equipment from November 26, except during sports practice and effective supervision., explains the press release. The objective remains to guarantee the continuity of a normal sporting practice and the good performance of the sporting spectacle. “

Before the first match of the 15e Ligue 1 day, Friday evening between Lens and Angers, spectators were thus informed that “Wearing a mask [était] again compulsory in the enclosure and around the stadium for all persons aged 11 and over ”.

The number of cases has been increasing very rapidly in France for several days, reaching more than 33,000 new contaminations on Thursday, the highest since the end of April.

The government announced Thursday a tightening of the constraints, without re-containment or curfew. He has stepped up the pressure on the unvaccinated and opened the recall from this Saturday to all adults. The authorities also insist on the importance of barrier gestures to stem this wave described as dazzling, including, in addition to masks, the need to ventilate the rooms and wash hands. “We can pass this wave without resorting to the most restrictive tools”, said the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, referring to the fifth wave of the Covid-19 epidemic, which is “Undoubtedly stronger, longer than (…) that of this summer ”.

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