Weather forecast for Sunday January 31


Here is the weather forecast for Sunday, January 31, 2021, established by the General Directorate of Meteorology:

– Temporarily cloudy sky over the Saiss, the Rif, the Phosphates and Oulmès Plateaus and the Middle Atlas with scattered drops, especially in the morning.

– Low morning and night clouds over the northern and central plains and the north of the Southern Provinces with foggy formations in places.

– Partly cloudy or clear skies everywhere else.

– Rather strong to strong gusts of wind over the Mediterranean, the Oriental and the Middle Atlas.

– Sandhunts in places in the Southern and Eastern Provinces.

– Minimum temperatures of around 00/05 ° C on the reliefs, 07/13 ° C on the Oriental, the Saiss, the Phosphates and Oulmès Plateaus and the South-East slopes, 15/20 ° C in the Saharan provinces and 12/17 ° C elsewhere.

– Maximum temperatures of around 11/17 ° C on the reliefs, 15/20 ° C on the Mediterranean, Oriental, Saiss, Gharb and the Phosphate and Oulmès Plateaus, 17/22 ° C on the coasts and the northern and central plains, Souss and the north of the Southern Provinces, 20/26 ° C on the south-eastern slopes and the interior of Chiadma and 23/30 ° C on the extreme south.

– Rough to strong seas on the Mediterranean coasts between Saïdia and Jebha, and little to rough between Jebha and Sebta, rough to strong becoming rough in the afternoon over the Strait, rough to strong on the Atlantic coasts between Tangier and Tarfaya and choppy to strong in the south.

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