world Weather Germany Monday: Weather Service (DWD) expects cold front

Weather Germany Monday: Weather Service (DWD) expects cold front



  • Hurricane Deep Sabine caused chaos and destruction in many places in Germany at the beginning of the week
  • At the start of the week, the German Weather Service expects cooler temperatures – with significantly less wind than in previous days
  • However, winter is not in sight: there were spring-like temperatures on Sunday as well
  • Foothills of the Hurricane Lows “Victoria” swept across NRW on Sunday
  • The wind swept across Germany at speeds of up to 136 kilometers per hour
  • The beach of the North Sea island of Wangerooge was partly washed away by waves whipped by the wind

Hurricane Sabine said goodbye to Germany, but it was cold and smooth in the past few days, the streets were partly icy and accidents were increasing. In the west of the country it will be milder in the coming days, in the north it will remain cloudy.

On Sunday, the low Victoria comes up and causes stormy weather again in the northern half of the country. All developments in the news blog.

Sunday, February 16: Weather forecast for the next few days

10:18 p.m .: The weather starts into the new week uncomfortably. Even if the temperatures drop, winter is still not in sight. These are the weather outlook for the coming days:

  • Monday: Temperatures between 5 and 11 degrees, cloudy
  • Tuesday: Temperatures between 4 and 8 degrees, some sun

So the weather is on Monday

9:37 pm: Foothills of the hurricane low “Victoria” swept across North Rhine-Westphalia with heavy gusts of wind – but at the beginning of the week the wind subsided. Temperatures are also falling: after unusually mild temperatures, especially on Sunday, Monday will be significantly cooler, said a spokeswoman for the German Weather Service.

At the beginning of the week, the weather service expected a cold front. The temperatures would drop to 13 degrees on Monday. Again there will be showers and thunderstorms. On Tuesday, snow is possible in the high elevations.

Forest workers fatally injured during cleanup

2:30 p.m .: Last Friday, Lorch-Wollmerschied was in the forest district forest workers von Hessen Forst fatally injured in cleanup after the storm “Sabine”. A hunting tenant found the seriously injured forest worker in the late afternoon in the forest near a forest path and immediately informed the rescue workers.

The injured forest worker was taken to an accident hospital by rescue helicopter, where he unfortunately later succumbed to his serious injuries. Further investigation into the exact cause of the accident is carried out by the criminal police and the Office for Occupational Safety and Health.

1:30 p.m .: Foothills of the Hurricane Lows “Victoria” are swept over NRW with heavy gusts of wind on Sunday – but at the beginning of the week the wind subsides. Temperatures are also falling: If they still climb up to 19 degrees on Sunday, Monday will be significantly cooler, said a spokeswoman for the German Weather Service. In Great Britain, authorities even classified “Victoria” as life-threatening.

On Sunday, the storm should reach hurricane-like strength, particularly in the Eifel and Aachen regions, at speeds of around 100 kilometers per hour. Trees blocked train tracks and roads near Aachen and in the district of Düren. There were no injuries. According to the Deutsche Bahn, several regional trains were canceled or delayed.

The fire brigade in the Aachen city region recorded many operations on Sunday due to fallen trees and fallen branches. The A44 was temporarily blocked. The storm had also raged in the northern Sauerland. However, the extent and strength of “Victoria” cannot be compared to hurricane “Sabine”, according to the experts.

On Sunday, very mild temperatures of up to 19 degrees were expected – unusual for the season according to the weather service and similar to the maxima from the same period in 1986, 1991, 2012 and 2019. In 1990, 19.7 degrees in Jülich in the middle of February Space measured.

At the beginning of the week, the weather service expected a cold front. The temperatures would drop to 13 degrees on Monday. Again there will be showers and thunderstorms. On Tuesday, snow is possible in the high elevations.

Narrow gauge railways in the Harz cease operation due to hurricane gusts

1:30 p.m .: The Harz narrow-gauge railways will be completely closed on Sunday. Due to violent gusts, the Harz narrow-gauge railways (HSB) have completely stopped operating. Trains would no longer start from Sunday afternoon, said HSB spokesman Dirk Bahnsen in Wernigerode.

The reason is a violent storm that is coming up, said Bahnsen. In the morning it was said that initially only several trips had been canceled on the Brocken. It was initially unclear whether operations could resume on Monday. According to the German Weather Service (DWD) is on the highest mountain in the country for Sunday with extreme Hurricane gusts of more than 140 kilometers to be calculated per hour.

The storm with local rain is expected to continue for the next few days. According to the DWD, it can also be stormy in the lowlands. The temperatures should occasionally be in the mild double-digit range. Just a week ago, the “Sabine” storm on the Brocken caused extreme hurricane gusts with peak values ​​of 171 kilometers per hour.

Saturday, February 15: Storm sweeps across the northwest – up to 21 degrees on the Upper Rhine

3:00 p.m .: After a sunny Saturday, a new low brings rain and storm to Germany in many places. Foothills of the hurricane low “Victoria” mainly reach storm strength in the north-western half and in parts of central Germany, as the German Weather Service in Offenbach predicted on Saturday. Heavy, hurricane-like storms are expected on the mountains and on the coasts. In addition, the wind whips thick rain clouds over the country, so that it can rain heavily at times.

Only in the south does it stay dry and windless. According to the DWD, the temperatures rise to exceptionally mild highs between 14 degrees in the northeast and up to 18 degrees in the southwest. Up to 21 degrees are expected on the Upper Rhine.

At night on Monday it is forecast to be stormy. North of the Moselle, in high altitudes, on the coast and in the vicinity of the cold front, gusts of wind up to individual hurricane gusts are possible. Even at the beginning of the new week, the weather “remains mostly inconsistent and windy to stormy and sometimes too mild for the season,” said DWD meteorologist Lars Kirchhübel. The only exception would be the regions south of the Danube. Here it remains sunny and dry for the time being. The first rain does not come until Tuesday night. It could then snow in the Alps.

Friday, February 14: The weekend will be mild but stormy

11:32 am: After the low temperatures and the uncomfortable weather of the past few days, the weather turns weekend mild – at least in some parts of Germany. In the east, west and south the temperatures reach 18 ° C in some places.

Nevertheless, it remains mostly cloudy, on Sunday it can rain in regions and become stormy. The north of the country in particular is once again hit by violent winds at the weekend.

On Sunday, two lows come to Germany – Uta and Victoria. They ensure stormy weather and strong gusts in the north. A severe storm as recently as Orkantief Sabine is not in sight, said the DWD.

Thursday, February 13: Weekend weather becomes warm – and stormy

6:39 pm: How’s the weather gonna be at the weekend? If you believe the forecasts: spring-like warm. Although the weather is stormy again, as you can read here.

Former mayor of Windböe captured and died

12.33 p.m .: The “Passauer Neue Presse” reports that a 90-year-old man from the Bavarian Forest died after being hit by a gust of wind on Monday and falling. The former mayor of the village of Bischofsreut and honorary citizen of the municipality of Haidmühle died on Wednesday serious injuries.

According to the newspaper’s report, the man was on his way to his car when a gust hit him in the parking lot. He was hospitalized with a broken hip and shoulder, but died two days later.

11.45 a.m .: After Germany suffered from cool temperatures and smoothness on Wednesday and Thursday, it should become milder again in the coming days – at least in the west. The temperatures can be in some places in the double-digit range lie.

In the north, however, it still looks cloudy. From Sunday that pulls Deep Victoria and ensures stormy weather again. A DWD meteorologist on Thursday assured a severe storm situation like “Sabine” cannot be said from today’s perspective.

Wednesday, February 12: Insurance companies take stock after hurricane depression Sabine

3.37 p.m .: After hurricane Sabine moved on, the weather will remain uncomfortable in the coming days. Meteorologists are warning for the start of Thursday freezing wet, also with wind gusts is still to be expected.

Drivers have to adjust to slippery roads, and there were already a few in parts of the country on Wednesday night Smoothness accidents. Several people were injured in the process. During the course of Thursday, precipitation comes from the west, the maximum temperatures are up to seven degrees, in the mountainous region around two degrees.

2:54 p.m .: Insurance companies have drawn the first balance after storm Sabine. According to the insurer R + V, the storm went off more lightly than expected. According to this, customers would have more than 15,000 damages with a total loss of around Wednesday morning 25 million euros reported.

After further damage reports, the insurance company expects a damage volume of more than in the coming days 50 million euros. Most reports came from Lower Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate, Hesse, Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria.

11:27 a.m .: Bad Harzburg is looking for three during the storm escaped lynx, “We hope that hikers will meet them by chance,” said Luch project manager Ole Anders on Wednesday in the town in the district of Goslar. It is conceivable that the animals do not run away when they meet people because they are used to getting food from them.

The chance that the animals from the wildlife park will survive in nature is 50 to 50, said Anders. Falling trees had killed a lynx male in the enclosure during the storm, three animals fled through the damaged fence. Only one lynx remained. The public feeding will not apply until further notice.

The enclosure was set up as part of the resettlement program for lynxes in the Harz Mountains, so that visitors can experience the big cats with the brush ears up close. Six years ago, lynxes had escaped from the enclosure through a cut fence. According to Anders, however, they could be caught again within 14 days. Around 90 lynxes now live in the Harz, of which around 35 are young.

9.50 a.m .: The waves whipped up by the storm have the bathing beach of the North Sea island Wangerooge washed away quite a bit. The breaking edge on the beach is sometimes up to two meters high. For a length of one kilometer, the sea has eaten into the island and washed away the sand.

As the NDR reports, the stormy weather in northern Germany should last until evening with gusts of up to 100 km / h. Further storm surges are expected on the islands of the North Sea coast as well as in Emden and Hamburg. The waves will probably continue to gnaw on the beach line.

Katwarn for Hamburg was triggered in the night. The Hamburg police reported that a maximum water level of five meters above sea level was expected by Wednesday morning.

Tuesday, February 11: Woman hit by roof in Lombardy

7:51 p.m .:
During the hurricane “Sabine”, a lynx was killed by falling trees in an enclosure in the Harz Mountains. Three other animals had fled to the mountain forest, the “Goslarsche Zeitung” reported on Tuesday. In the lynx enclosure on the raven cliffs in Bad Harzburg, two beeches overturned in the storm and destroyed the fence, said Lynx project manager Ole Anders.

5.30 p.m .: An 82 year old woman with her shopping trolley is in Lower Saxony from a gust of wind dragged onto a street and fatally injured by a car.

The 77-year-old driver had the pedestrian on Tuesday Nienburg can no longer avoid, the police said. There was a collision. The 82-year-old was taken to the hospital with serious injuries, where she died a little later.

5.10 p.m .: The heavy winter storm has in Italy killed a woman. As the news agency Ansa wrote, the 77-year-old was hit on Tuesday in Traona in Lombardy by parts of a whirling roof.

In northern Italy, the hurricane reportedly reached more than 200 kilometers per hour, including in Piedmont. He caused damage to property, particularly in the north. The authorities received many emergency calls.

In the far north of the Mediterranean island of Corsica “Ciara” reached a speed of 219 km / h in gusts. That was slightly below the record of January 2018, when 225 kilometers per hour were reached on the Cap Corse, the weather service Météo France reported on Tuesday.

The storm caused considerable traffic problems on the holiday island belonging to France – ferry connections to the mainland and flights were affected, as the radio news channel Franceinfo reported. In addition, fires blazed in several places – south of the port city of Bastia, it burned over an area of ​​more than two square kilometers.

The strong winds caused a fire to flare up in the south of the island. The fire spread to the village of Sari, the authorities warned on Tuesday afternoon. Residents were asked not to leave their homes and to close doors and windows. Roads around the village of Sari have been closed.

15:56: In Lower Saxony, coastal and islanders are particularly affected by the foothills of the “Sabine” hurricane low. For the German North Sea coast, the Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH) warned of a storm surge on Tuesday. Wangerooge is particularly worried because the storm has already caused considerable damage to the beach.

The shipping company Frisia announced that due to the storm low, ship traffic with Norderney and Juist had ceased completely up to and including Wednesday. Due to the strong west side winds and the runway orientation, the island pilots were still unable to take off from the north dike. By contrast, the twin-engined aircraft flew from the Harle airfield to Wangerooge on schedule. “If necessary, we also fly to Langeoog or Norderney,” said FLN managing director Olaf Weddermann.

“At night the border to the severe storm surge is reached, maybe we are even above it,” warned a spokesman for the Lower Saxony State Agency for Coastal Protection and Nature Conservation (NLWKN). For the island of Norderney, for example, this means that the water runs up 2.01 meters higher than the average tidal flood.

Tens of thousands in South Tyrol without electricity

02.02 p.m .: Large parts of South Tyrol were without electricity on Tuesday due to storm damage to the lines. The trigger for two blackouts from around eleven o’clock were branches or trees flying around, which damaged one of the main routes for the utility Edyna, as general manager Luis Amort said in Bolzano. 150,000 to 200,000 customers were affected, Amort added. The police and authorities received many emergency calls.

This graphic shows the effect of wind speeds

12.16 p.m .: Sabine swept across Germany and Europe with wind speeds of over 120 kilometers an hour. But how does that actually feel? This is shown in this graphic:



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