Weather: Heat wave announced, the mercury will flirt with 35 degrees

Posted13 June 2022, 08:02

Summer will be a few days ahead of schedule with a hot Saturday. In France, we expect to pass the bar of 40 degrees.

The edges of the lake and the swimming pools will undoubtedly be taken by storm next weekend.


The first strong heat wave of the year will be confirmed over a large part of Europe during the next week, announced Sunday MeteoNews. Temperatures will exceed 30 degrees in the plain from Wednesday in Switzerland and even sometimes 35 degrees next Saturday.

A zone of humidity will cross Switzerland tonight and a few showers and locally strong thunderstorms will break out in places, especially in the north of the country. A welcome refreshment before the summer days ahead.

The forecast for next Saturday.

The forecast for next Saturday.


The weather conditions will gradually become warmer and warmer next week. A depression will indeed lodge off Portugal and will direct a mass of very hot air from North Africa over a good part of the continent.

Monday and Tuesday, the highs will be between 25 and 28 degrees. The heat will then increase a notch on Wednesday and Thursday and we will reach 30 to 32 degrees in the plain and even 34 degrees in central Valais. The peak of this heat wave is expected next weekend.

Thermometers may indicate 33 to 35 degrees in the plain and sometimes even more on Saturday and 36 to 38 degrees cannot be excluded on Saturday afternoon in central Valais as well as in the Rhine valley, predicts MeteoNews. The mountain regions will also experience very high temperatures with more than 30 degrees around 1000 m altitude on Saturday.

France will also be affected by this heat wave with temperatures that could approach 40 degrees in the center of the country or even 42 to 44 degrees very locally. These forecasts are to be confirmed in the coming days, specifies MeteoNews. According to the latest trends, this heat wave should end between next Sunday and the beginning of the following week.


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