Weather: Hurricane is brewing – catastrophic effects

  • After “Sabine” the weather does not come to rest
  • Storm “Victoria” approaching
  • It remains stormy in Germany and very mild with almost 20 degrees

The Weather, it just does not come to rest. After the storm “Sabine”, the weather in NRW has by no means calmed down. With Storm “Sabine” we have the worst behind us, but it will be stormy for the coming days.

Weather: Walkers should avoid forests – after storm “Sabine” comes “Victoria”

A new storm is forecasting for the weekend. The new storm low is called “Victoria” – and brings very mild temperatures!

Friday February 14th

4.13 p.m .: The warnings for entering urban forests after the storm “Sabine” have been lifted. Nevertheless, Michael Blaschke from “Wald und Holz NRW” warns of caution. Pedestrians should continue to pay attention to the dangers of forests from roots and fallen trees, said Blaschke on Friday. The new storm “Victoria”, which is supposed to rage on the weekend, cannot be compared to “Sabine”. Nevertheless, one shouldn’t go into the forest during storms, as always. Disregarding forest road closures is life-threatening.

10.30 a.m .: It could be even more dangerous than expected. According to the Weather Channel, storm trough “Victoria” could reach record levels. The wind speeds would be over 200 kilometers an hour, could grow into a hurricane-like storm. This could lead to disastrous effects on the coast.

6.50 a.m .: At the weekend, the thick jackets should be history for now. Spring temperatures are expected. But there is also a bad side to the news. In places, gusts of over 100 kilometers an hour are expected.

Thursday, February 13

4:02 pm: Meteorologist Dominik Jung from the “Q.met” weather service: “The Canary Islands are blowing from south-western Europe. In southern France, it will be around 25 degrees on Sunday. In Germany, the temperatures climb to a good 18 degrees. Wow, it’s almost spring!

12.25 p.m .: As the “Passauer Neue Presse” reports, the storm “Sabine” claimed the death toll: the deceased is said to be Franz Weiboltshamer, ex-mayor of Bischofsreut in the Freyung-Grafenau district.

He was carried away by the storm on Monday on the way to his car and came to the hospital. Now he is said to have died of his injuries, according to the PNP.

11.43 a.m .: Meanwhile, Jörg Kachelmann’s collar bursts. The weather expert shares on Twitter: “It’s pathetic!” You can read more about this here >>>

9.49 a.m .: After “Sabine” it remains more than stormy. Meteorologists from the Weather Channel are concerned about the Atlantic. Because there could be a “Rekordorkan” on Saturday, this time with the name “Victoria”. Wind speeds of up to 220 km / h can then come together over the Atlantic Ocean. “You only know that from a hurricane,” says weather expert Jan Schenk from the Weather Channel.

“But it will never reach us in strength,” he relativizes. You have to keep an eye on it and see what effects “Victoria” could have on our weekend weather if the storm moves east.

7.33 a.m .: It remains uncomfortable in NRW. The German Weather Service (DWD) warns of wind gusts again on Thursday morning. The 1 to 4 strength warning applies to the following cities between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m.

  • Duisburg
  • eat
  • Dortmund
  • Oberhausen
  • Gelsenkirchen
  • Bochum
  • Mülheim
  • Bottrop

Wednesday, February 12:

3:36 pm: The German Weather Service is now warning of gusts of wind in Düsseldorf, which should reach up to 75 kilometers an hour. Therefore, people should be careful when leaving the house, as branches, roof tiles or other objects could still fall.

02.06 p.m .: It could be dangerously smooth on the streets in the Ruhr area from 7 p.m. The German Weather Service warns of smoothness and frost in Dortmund at night.

9.30 a.m .: The fire brigade urgently warns to be aware of the continuing gusts of wind: “Branches, roof tiles or other objects can still fall.”

In Düsseldorf, a woman (52) was injured by a fallen construction fence on Monday.

A45 tight ++ bus traffic discontinued

6.15 a.m .: Next weather hammer: No storm, but smoothness caused a kilometer-long traffic jam on the A45 in Siegen. Drivers had to endure traffic jams for several hours late Tuesday evening and Wednesday night.

Trucks had got stuck due to the rapid onset of slippery conditions, and there had been several accidents with sheet metal damage. The highway was closed on an approximately 18-kilometer section. At around 2.40 a.m., according to the police, all traces were clear in both directions. Two people were injured.

Due to icy roads, Verkehrsbetriebe Westfalen-Süd (VWS) had completely stopped the traffic on Tuesday evening. “Ongoing snowfalls have been keeping roads slippery for two hours,” the company said. Spreader services would only resume their work in the morning. Operation had ceased on all lines.

5.32 a.m .: Caution! The police warn against false roofers who abuse the consequences of Sturm Sabine. In Bochum, two “craftsmen” contacted a senior because his roof was broken. The man let them into his apartment and not only gave them a down payment for the repair. The fraudsters distracted him and searched his home.

Tuesday, February 11th: Next storm approaching

22 O `clock: The German Weather Service warns again in the evening of storm gusts of level 2 of 4. The warning applies to these cities in NRW:

  • Oberhausen
  • Dortmund
  • Duisburg
  • Mülheim
  • eat
  • Gelsenkirchen
  • Bochum
  • Herne
  • Bottrop

5:31 p.m .: Even the day after Storm “Sabine” it can be dangerous: Many trees that are already weakened are in danger of falling due to the violent storm.

In Mülheim, a 15-meter tree collapsed and massively damaged three cars that were parked on Essener Strasse. Fortunatly nobody was hurt.

5.25 p.m .: The night of Tuesday was again unsettled for the police and fire brigade in NRW. Nationwide there were more than 1600 weather-related missions for fire brigades and aid organizations, the police deployed over 1000 times.

Thunderstorms with violent hail or downpours made the roads slippery. The Landesbetrieb Straßen.NRW, on the other hand, gave the all-clear for the highways on Tuesday: There were no new major bottlenecks due to fallen trees.

Also blocked lanes on the A4 near Kerpen due to fallen trees were released again on Tuesday.

4.48 p.m .: In the early Tuesday morning (3.45 a.m.), storm “Sabine” rocked a truck on the B475 between Warendorf and Westkirchen (NRW). The driver of the articulated lorry (56) indicated that a gust of wind had hit the vehicle.

As a result, the tractor-trailer slipped into the adjacent ditch and the driver’s cab crashed into a tree. For the rescue work, the police and fire department blocked a B475 lane from until 11.30 a.m. The driver was not injured. There was property damage of around 120,000 euros.

6.20 a.m .: After the storm is before the storm: The DWD is expecting strong gusts of up to 100 kilometers per hour in NRW again on Tuesday – even in the lowlands. There may be showers and thunderstorms regionally. The wind dies down at night.

The DWD issued a warning on Tuesday afternoon about level 2 out of 4 gusts for these cities:

  • Herne
  • Gelsenkirchen
  • Dortmund
  • Gelsenkirchen
  • Oberhausen
  • Duisburg
  • Mülheim
  • eat
  • Bottrop

The warning is valid from now until Wednesday morning at 8 a.m.

Monday, February 10: The aftermath of storm “Sabine”

After the storm night, the fire brigades in the country take a first interim assessment in the early morning. There is relief above all: The storm did not hit NRW as hard as expected. Local, long-distance and air traffic was still severely restricted during the day.

We report on the hurricane situation in the news blog. Click HERE to update the live ticker >>>

10:40 p.m .: The strong thunderstorm apparently comes a little later than previously suspected. After the first DWD warning at shortly before 10 p.m., the thunderstorm warning was given to the cities of the Ruhr region until 11:30 p.m.

9.42 p.m .: The German Weather Service (DWD) issued a weather warning for some Ruhr area cities on Monday evening. So for everyone who is outside, it means: Caution!

Between the hours of 9:39 p.m. and 10:30 p.m., there can be severe level 2 thunderstorms in the region. The DWD also warns of local lightning strikes. Please pay attention to uprooted trees, falling branches, roof tiles or objects.

The thunderstorm warning applies to the following cities:

  • Oberhausen
  • Bottrop
  • Mülheim
  • Dortmund
  • eat
  • Gelsenkirchen
  • Herne
  • Bochum
  • Duisburg

9.02pm: Rail traffic will still be affected on Tuesday. In NRW, however, train drivers can breathe a sigh of relief: the regional routes are again largely free. However, Deutsche Bahn warns of delays, partial cancellations or changes in the train route.

The following routes are impaired or fail in regional traffic NRW:

  • RB 27 / RE 8 Mönchengladbach Hbf – Koblenz Hbf

8.05 p.m .: The next storm low is expected on Tuesday. According to weather expert Jörg Kachelmann, it is not so unreasonable for the season when a stormy low chases the next. Active western weather conditions like this time are rather rare.

7:16 p.m .: Several schools are scheduled to start operating again on Tuesday. The cities of Aachen, Cologne, Düsseldorf and Moers open again. “It is up to the parents to decide whether or not their children can safely walk to school in the prevailing weather,” said the City of Cologne. Other cities in NRW such as Dortmund, Münster and Essen are still coordinating.

6.46 p.m .: In the district of Unna, the police and fire brigades still have a lot to do in the evening and have to repair storm damage. Some roads, such as in Fröndenberg, had to be closed temporarily to cut down trees.

5:32 p.m .: The weather damage continues through Monday evening through NRW. Rail traffic between Siegburg / Bonn and Hennef (Sieg) is currently closed. Replacement traffic cannot be offered, however, as there are no buses available, according to Deutsche Bahn.

The following train lines are therefore not currently running:

  • RE 4 – Aachen-Dortmund
  • RE 9 – Aachen Siegen
  • RE 8 / RB 27 – Mönchengladbach-Koblenz
  • RB 54 – Neuenrade-Fröndenberg

17:27: Thanks to the storm, a woman from Cologne became a real hero. On Monday night, the resident happened to look out of her window out of interest in the storm and observed a break-in. When two people suddenly broke a door window in a nearby apartment building, the silent observer quickly realized that this had to be a criminal act. When the police arrived, however, only one man was arrested who allegedly tried to escape. Now the 24-year-old is to be brought before a judge.

5.18 p.m .: In North Rhine-Westphalia there were a total of 7100 operations due to the hurricane low. Firefighters and aid organizations had a lot to do during the storm during the past few hours. Almost 22,000 volunteers were deployed. The NRW Interior Ministry also announced on Monday that an additional 3,000 police officers were on the move. The number of injuries in NRW is currently 13.

4.34 p.m .: Even if the hurricane low hit NRW less violently than feared, the next storm is imminent: Even on Tuesday, changeable showers and gusts of wind up to wind force nine can mix up the state, explained the German Weather Service (DWD) in Essen. “The wind will pick up again selectively,” said a spokesman, even if he went back overall.

Walkers and recreational athletes continue to be warned by the Landesbetrieb Wald und Holz against entering the forests in NRW. “The wind speeds expected until Tuesday are still sufficient to uproot trees in the affected forests and to let heavy branches fall down,” it said.

4:25 pm: Deutsche Bahn puts additional regional trains into operation:

  • RE 17: Hagen – Schwerte – Bestwig – Brilon-Wald – Warburg – Kassel
  • RE 17: Kassel – Warburg – Brilon-Wald – Bestwig – Schwerte – Hagen

4.20 p.m .: Through the storm low “Sabine” was canceled at many schools and daycare centers in NRW on Monday. School operations in Düsseldorf, Moers and Aachen are scheduled to resume on Tuesday. The city of Moers said on Monday afternoon: “Operation in the municipal day care centers can also be started again regularly.”

Whether other cities such as Cologne, Dortmund, Münster and Essen will reopen schools and day care centers is still being voted on.

3.46 p.m .: “Sabine” did not do as much damage as expected, but the fire brigade in Essen has had a lot to do in the past 24 hours. A summary of the Essen fire department:

Between Sunday 12 p.m. and Monday 3 p.m. there were a total of 155 missions due to the weather. At first glance, the emergency services were called to fallen trees and consequently damaged vehicles, loose roof tiles, unsecured scaffolding or kinked roof antennas. A 47-year-old was injured by a falling slate in the Heisingen district of Essen, according to the Essen fire department, and was taken to a hospital. Sometimes there were no other injuries.

However, there were also odd cases: Among other things, construction site toilets and a pavilion or trampolines became self-employed.

3.31 p.m .: A gust of wind caught a cargo ship in Cologne on Monday morning. The empty freighter was about to leave the port of Cologne-Niehl when the hurricane pushed the ship aside.

The freighter crashed into a stationary cargo ship that was loaded with animal feed. It was pressed against the harbor wall. Slight damage to property occurred on both ships. Nobody got hurt.

3 p.m .: Giant fright in Duisburg! After it was announced in the morning that two car occupants already had a very attentive guardian angel in Mülheim, a 52-year-old and her 15-year-old daughter in Duisburg can also thank their fate. A tree fell on the moving car on Sunday evening, but the two occupants were only slightly injured. The car had to be towed.

14.55 p.m .: Because of the delays and cancellations, Abellio has announced that tickets purchased for travel days Sunday through Tuesday can still be used flexibly until February 18. Alternatively, the tickets can also be canceled free of charge.

2:50 p.m .: Cologne / Bonn Airport also provides current information. According to the current status, 33 take-offs and 32 landings have been canceled. Irregularities in flight operations may continue throughout the day.

2:22 p.m .: During the night and late Sunday evening, Sabine caused falling branches, covered roofs and fallen trees. However, the hurricane did not hit NRW as badly as feared. However, experts from the state forest and timber company in North Rhine-Westphalia warn: “Do not enter forests in the next few days.”

Wind speeds are expected until Tuesday, which could cause branches to fall or uproot trees to be uprooted. That is why Wald und Holz NRW urgently warns of activities in the forest! In the next few days, the authority plans to concentrate on repairing the damage and clearing forest trails. There will be numerous short-term road closures in the coming days and weeks.

You should definitely pay attention to this. The experts warn: “There is a risk to life in the area of ​​felling work.”

14.13 p.m .: Deutsche Bahn puts further S-Bahn into operation:

  • Line S 12 between Horrem and Au (Sieg)
  • Line S 1 between Dortmund Hbf and Solingen Hbf
  • Line RB 22 / RE 12 between Cologne and Trier Hbf
  • Line RB 33 between Essen Hbf and Mönchengladbach Hbf
  • Line RB 20 between Stolberg (Rhein) and Düren

As with all reports so far, the trains still run at reduced speed.

02.06 p.m .: The blocking of the Rhine between kilometers 760 and 762 has been lifted again! There had been problems with a high-voltage line spanning the river.

2:04 pm: The A3 must be temporarily blocked between Lohmar and Kreuz Bonn / Siegburg in the direction of Frankfurt. The storm caused trees to fall onto the road. The A4 at Kerpen, meanwhile, will probably only be navigable until Tuesday morning, as Staßen.NRW announced.

1:50 p.m .: Further relaxation on the train! The following lines are used again:

  • Line S 6 between Cologne and Essen Hbf
  • Line RB 24 between Cologne and Kall
  • Line RB 30 between Ahrbrück and Bonn Hbf
  • Line RB 54 between Unna and Neuenrade
  • Line S 11 between Dusseldorf Airport Terminal and Bergisch Gladbach
  • Line S 4 between Unna and Dortmund-Lütgendortmund
  • Line RB 63 between Münster (Westf) and Coesfeld (Westf)
  • Line RB 64 between Münster (Westf) and Enschede
  • Line RB 51 between Dortmund Hbf and Enschede
  • Line RE 42 between Mönchengladbach Hbf and Münster (Westf)
  • Line RB 39 between Remagen and Dernau

However, the following still applies to all the lines mentioned: The trains run at reduced speed, which can lead to delays and partial cancellations.

1.45 p.m .: Around noon, the city of Hagen summarized: As in the other cities in NRW, relief is spreading. 400 emergency workers in 39 storm-related missions mainly dealt with fallen trees or blocked roads. No serious damage to buildings is known.

In Herne, the city was satisfied with the regulation not to close all schools in general. Tomorrow the schools are supposed to be back to normal.

1:27 p.m .: The Rhine has been closed to shipping between Düsseldorf and Krefeld since Monday afternoon due to a problem on a high-voltage line spanning the river.

At around 12 noon, a harmless earthing cable had fallen into the water on the Krefeld side, which could possibly lead to a voltage, as the Duisburg police said. “Nothing has happened yet,” said a spokeswoman.

It is currently not possible to confirm or deny whether the case is storm damage. The water protection police, firefighters and rescue workers as well as the operator of the line are on site. The blockage occurred between the Rhine kilometers 760 and 762.

12.17 p.m .: A 33-year-old from Oer-Erkenschwick probably didn’t think before alerting the police early Monday morning. He informed the officials that he wanted to report storm damage at a traffic light. On the spot, however, the police immediately noticed that a license plate had wrapped around the traffic light mast – so there could be no question of storm damage. Just stupid that the car of the caller was precisely damaged … In addition, the driver could have been heavily drunk. Storm “Sabine” was clearly not the culprit in this case.

12.10 p.m .: In Düsseldorf, “Sabine” knocked over a fence and injured a woman. She was taken care of by paramedics and taken to a hospital. According to initial information, she was only slightly injured and got away with some injuries.

11:57 a.m .: In Duisburg, a fireman was slightly injured during the nightly cleanup. He had a splinter in his eye and was taken to a hospital. He was released a short time later.

11.49 a.m .: The city of Dortmund once again strongly warns against going into parks and forests today. Other fire departments in the country have also issued warnings: Since it is still very windy, there is still a risk of branches breaking off or trees falling over. So better not a walk in the forest today. An important note especially for dog owners!

11.36 a.m .: Deutsche Bahn is sending more trains onto the tracks: After the RE1 started at around 9.30 a.m., lines RB43 between Dorsten and Dortmund Hauptbahnhof, RB52 between Lüdenscheid and Dortmund Hauptbahnhof, RB25 between Cologne and Lüdenscheid and S3 between Oberhausen Hauptbahnhof and Bochum Dahlhausen. However, a reduced speed applies to all lines, there are delays and partial failures.

11:22 am: Because of “Sabine” Eurowings had completely stopped flying in the morning. Since 10 a.m. Eurowings flight operations have resumed partially on Monday. But there are still irregularities at the airports in Düsseldorf and Cologne / Bonn.

11.10 a.m .: The zoo in Mülheim was closed yesterday due to the storm – today it is open again. The zoo in Duisburg is also open, but you want to keep an eye on the current weather situation. The situation is different at the Zoo in Dortmund. According to the hurricane depression “Sabine” everything remains tight for clearing up and tree control. Fortunately, no major damage has been reported so far.

The Krefeld Zoo is also closed on Monday. Yesterday he closed at 1 p.m. due to the storm. There is storm damage at the Aquazoo Löbbecke Museum in Düsseldorf. There, a closed window hatch was torn from its hinges in the tropical hall by “Sabine”. Fortunately, animals were not harmed, and no animal escaped through the hatch.

The zoo is open normally, for visitors the tropical hall will remain closed until the hatch is repaired. According to the Auqzoos, this will take a few days. In the tropical hall are two species of crocodiles, turtles, green iguanas and Antilles bullfrogs.

11.02 a.m .: A picture from Duisburg showed how much power “Sabine” was still on Monday morning. There the police had to close the Aackerfährbrücke in Obermeideich in the morning because a gust had blown over the trailer of a truck.

11.00 a.m .: Operation of the RB31, RE14 and RE44 routes is slowly starting at the NordWest Bahn. However, there are delays on all routes. On the routes of the RB10 and RB45, exploratory trips on the nature of the route take place.

10.48 a.m .: Slowly there is more movement on the tracks in NRW: In addition to the RE1, the RB38 between Cologne and Bedburg and the lines S5 and S8 between Mönchengladbach and Dortmund Hauptbahnhof have also started operating. However, all trains run at reduced speed.

10.19 a.m .: The road maintenance departments in NRW are still struggling with the consequences of storm “Sabine”. “With a view to the announced storm, our master craftsmen had increased their readiness to secure traffic. A decision that paid off, ”said Elfriede Sauerwein-Braksiek, director of Straßen.NRW. One could react quickly to storm damage.

Not only was the A45 between Hagen and Hagen-Süd fully blocked, the A4 near Kerpen was also affected. Both closures were lifted in the morning. The Autobahnmeistereien were therefore in use on a large number of other motorways: A1, A3, A4, A46 and A57. On Monday, Straßen.NRW wants to concentrate on the security and control work.

9:34 a.m .: Because of the storm, many are wondering if their garbage can is being emptied today. The cities have made various decisions:

  • Essen: Due to the ongoing storm and the associated difficult to dangerous conditions, neither garbage collection nor street cleaning in Essen go on Monday. The tons should be made up during the week or on Saturday.
  • Bochum: Garbage collection and street cleaning are normal
  • Duisburg: Garbage collection has been on the move here since morning. The businesses in Duisburg, however, ask that the empty garbage cans be put back in quickly. Because of the storm, the recycling center in Huckingen was closed. When the weather calms down, it should be opened again.
  • Gelsenkirchen: The garbage cans are picked up here regularly, the street cleaning also goes. The recycling centers are also open.
  • Mülheim: Garbage cans are picked up regularly.

9.27 a.m .: At Deutsche Bahn, the first long-distance trains are now rolling again. The RE1 resumes operations between Hamm (Westf) and Cologne via Düsseldorf, Duisburg, Essen, Bochum and Dortmund. An important traffic axis will be used again. However, the RE1 is still driving at a reduced speed. There are further delays and partial cancellations between Düren and Aachen.

9.20 a.m .: We have survived the worst during the night, but no all-clear can be given yet: on Monday, too, there will be a strong storm in NRW. In the lowlands with gusts of wind at 80 kilometers per hour, in the highlands and higher mountains also severe gusts of wind as well as individual hurricane gusts of up to 110 kilometers per hour. Occasionally stormy in the night of Tuesday.

In addition to the storm, the German Weather Service also warned of thunderstorms and constant rain on Monday morning. Read more >>> here <<<. Towards evening, the temperatures should drop so much that precipitation can mix with the snow in the lowlands. Frost and slickness threaten in uploading.

9.10 a.m .: In Dortmund, the outer ring of the castle wall had to be closed due to the storm. “Sabine” had blown up construction site structures there at night. The lock is now lifted and all lanes are passable.

8.41 a.m .: After Abellio has already started operating partially, the trains at National Express are rolling again. Yesterday around 7 p.m., operations had initially been stopped. Here too, however, the trains initially run at reduced speed and only on sections of the route that can be driven on. A resumption of all lines RB 48, RE 7, RE 5 (RRX) and RE 6 (RRX) in full scope can only be expected in the course of Monday, according to the National Express.

8.36 a.m .: Abellio has partially resumed driving. The following train routes are partially passable again: RE 11 (RRX), RE 19A, RE 49, RB 32, RB 35, RB 40, RB 46, RB 91, RE 16, RE 19, S 2, S 7 and S9.

The most important trips and the stations visited at a glance:

  • RE 11 (RRX) Dusseldorf-Duisburg-Essen-Dortmund-Hamm-Paderborn-Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe
  • RE 16 Essen-Witten-Hagen-Siegen / Iserlohn
  • RE 19 Dusseldorf-Duisburg-Oberhausen-Wesel-Arnhem
  • RB 32 Duisburg-Oberhausen Gelsenkirchen Dortmund
  • RB 35 Gelsenkirchen-Oberhausen-Duisburg-Krefeld-Viersen-Mönchengladbach
  • RB 40 Essen-Bochum-Witten Hagen

However, the trains run at a reduced speed, when it should go back to schedule is unclear.

8.30 a.m .: Yesterday the A45 in the direction of Frankfurt near Hagen / Dortmund was blocked due to fallen trees. The lock was lifted a few minutes ago. The traffic now runs single-lane past the site, as Straßen.NRW announced on Twitter.

8.21 a.m .: While many schools remain closed, the universities are trying to allow a fairly regulated process. Events take place, even exams should not be postponed. However, the storm hit the campus in Duisburg of the University of Duisburg-Essen hard. On Facebook, pictures show many fallen trees. The Duisburg campus is right next to a larger forest area.

7.30 am: School lessons for many school children usually start in half an hour – but “Sabine” ensures that children in many cities in North Rhine-Westphalia will instead be in bed. Students can sleep in in:

  • eat
  • Mülheim
  • Gelsenkirchen
  • Cologne (schools and day-care centers)
  • Hamm
  • dinslaken
  • Herne
  • Oberhausen

In Bochum, Bottrop, Dortmund, Duisburg, Velbert or Recklinghausen, the cities leave it up to the schools and daycare centers to decide whether the lessons take place or not.

7.14 a.m .: Not only in Düsseldorf, but also in Cologne, numerous flights are canceled on Monday morning. 23 take-offs and 22 landings were canceled this Monday. However, weather-related irregularities are expected throughout the day.

7:01 a.m .: At Düsseldorf Airport, numerous flights are canceled in the morning. This mainly affects flights within Germany, but flights to nearby countries are also affected. 108 take-offs and landings are canceled. Most long-haul pilots, however, take off. Some of the canceled flights:

  • 7.45 a.m. Düsseldorf → Hamburg
  • 8 a.m. Düsseldorf → Frankfurt
  • 8.05 a.m. Düsseldorf → Munich
  • 8.45 a.m. Düsseldorf → Zurich
  • 10.20 a.m.Dusseldorf → Prague
  • 10.30 a.m. Dusseldorf → London Heathrow

6.41 a.m .: There are restrictions not only at Deutsche Bahn, but also at Abellio: trains run at reduced speed as soon as the route has been checked for damage. Failures and long delays can continue in the morning.

6.35 a.m .: The Deutsche Bahn announced in the morning that traffic is affected nationwide due to severe weather damage. Nothing should go on long-distance traffic until 10 a.m. “Due to the constantly increasing weather damage, we cannot guarantee reliable start-up nationwide in regional and long-distance traffic this morning. Unfortunately, it is already foreseeable that the disruptions will continue throughout the day, ”said a message from the group. In the morning, some routes are to be checked first by means of reconnaissance trips before operation is started again.

It looks better in local transport within cities – there drives more than in long-distance transport. This forces some commuters to come up with creative solutions in the morning hours.

6.32 a.m .:, In Bochum, the fire brigade deployed a total of 67 missions involving storm “Sabine” until around 6.30 a.m. As expected, it was about fallen trees, damage to vehicles and blocked roads. A tree fell into a house on the “Green Path”. A total of 350 forces from the professional, volunteer fire brigade and the technical relief organization were deployed.

6.22 a.m .: What a guardian angel! In Mülheim, a 25 meter high tree fell on a moving car late on Sunday evening. Doch die Insassen hatten unfassbares Glück: Der Baum erfasste das Auto nur im hinteren Bereich. Die vorderen Sitze, auf denen die beiden Insassen waren, blieben verschont. Der Wagen geriet daraufhin ins Schleudern und landete völlig zerstört im Straßengraben. Fahrer und Beifahrer konnten sich selbst aus dem Wrack befreien und gelten als leicht verletzt. Kaum auszudenken, hätte der Baum den vorderen Bereich des Fahrzeugs getroffen.

6.20 Uhr: In Oberhausen gab es bis 1 Uhr morgens 37 Sturmeinsätze. Auch in Oberhausen blieb es bis dahin zum Glück ohne Verletzten.

6.17 Uhr: In Bottrop sorgte „Sabine“ laut Aussage der Feuerwehr für „wenige Einsätze“. 25 Einsätze gab es, in der Mehrzahl umgestürzte Bäume und lose Dachziegel. Verletzte und größere Sachschäden gab es nicht. In Gelsenkirchen gab es bis Mitternacht rund 60 Einsätze, auch hier glücklicherweise keine Personenschäden, genauso wie in Aachen.

6.13 Uhr: In Herne gab es bis kurz vor Mitternacht 23 Einsätze für die Feuerwehr in Herne. „Wir haben mit viel mehr gerechnet“, sagte Einsatzleiter Marco Diesing. Ein Eindruck, der auch von anderen Feuerwehren in NRW geteilt wird.

6.00 Uhr: In Essen gab es bis Mitternacht knapp 100 Einsätze der Feuerwehr, der Großteil aus dem nördlichen Stadtgebiet. Fahrzeuge wurden beschädigt, Bäume stürzten um, lose Dachziegel mussten gesichert werden oder Dachantennen waren abgeknickt. Am Mittag war eine 47-Jährige in Essen-Heisingen verletzt worden, weitere Verletzte kamen jedoch nach bisherigen Erkenntnissen nicht hinzu.

Sonntag, 9. Februar:

Sabine fegte über Deutschland hinweg und sorgte für Hunderte Einsätze von Feuerwehr und Rettungskräften.


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