Web puzzle: The taxonomy of dragons

There is almost nothing that doesn’t exist in the network of networks: ingenious, interesting, useful and wonderfully superfluous. This time: everything you need to know about dragons.

VLast week we presented a website at this point that can be used to create funny hybrids. Today there is reference – in the form of an English-language website about popular mythical creatures that combine the properties of reptiles, birds and predators: we’re talking about dragons.

Under www.blackdrago.com you will find the virtual headquarters of the “Circle of the Dragon” association, which has a great deal of interest in dragons and has provided the inclined reader with an impressive amount of information since 2000. Here the kite is illuminated from every imaginable side. You can find detailed background information on mythology, interesting facts about dragons in heraldry, film, literature and fine arts, but also interactive content such as psychological tests and even fonts for downloading with dragon symbols and medieval characters. Under “Basic Information / Dragon Species” you will find an attempt at a taxonomy or, better still, an alphabetically sorted list of all famous dragons in mythology, from the Greek Agathos Daimon to the Baltic Zaltys. Although dragons never existed according to current knowledge, the operators of the website try under the heading “Dragon Science” at a kind of scientific approach, complete with anatomy and physiology.

Our riddle: Find a Google search query consisting of two words, the first result of which links to the page just presented. Both words must not contain a “d” and must contain at least an “m”. Please send your proposed solution to [email protected] We will raffle an eBook shopping voucher worth 25 euros from all correct entries; The closing date for entries is January 27, 2021, 9 p.m. In the past week, “Wolpertinger” would have been the right solution. The winner will be notified in writing.

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