Wedding with Raúl Peralta and a new pregnancy: Lisandra Silva reveals her plans for 2021

Just over five months ago, the Cuban model Lisandra Silva (33) and the Chilean dancer Outbeehive Peralta (38), they became parents of Noah. A stage that has been “indescribable” for both of them, and that has led them to think about their short-term plans, including continuing to expand the family and consolidate as “husband and wife.”

During an interview for the digital program “Having lunch with the blond “, conducted by Martin Cárcamo, Silva revealed the plans he has for this 2021, among which are to get married and “order” a sister for his first-born.

“Would you like to get married?” Was the question from Cárcamo that triggered the revelation of the former reality TV participant. “Obvious. That’s in the plans,” he replied. “But later than later?”, Replies the entertainer, who receives in response: “I have not received (the ring) yet. But obviously it is in the plans ”.

Later the Cuban said that “we want to have more children soon, we want to get married, we still don’t know where we are going to live, what will become of our lives. We are very excited and have many plans ”.

Looking for a girl

In regards to a future pregnancy, Silva answered: “We want to find a little girl soon, because everyone has told me that it is better to have two children to shoot. If you want to have two, have them within reach so that they grow together. So I wish they were both close in age. Because imagine, three or four years and I get pregnant again and gain 25 kilos again, I go back to six months without sleep.

In seconds, the conversation gave rise to the presenter asking: “Are you on the campaign then?”, A question that Silva answered: “When the woman is breastfeeding, her cycle does not slow down and as long as the cycle does not slow you down, you cannot get pregnant. Maybe you didn’t know that and you don’t have to know. “

A “technique” that is not always fulfilled to the letter as Cárcamo told him that he has a 16-year-old daughter and a 15-year-old son, unleashing the laughter of both. “You did it to the shot. There is always the exception to the rule, like everything else. You were the exception to the rule. But normally, in a normal world, it shouldn’t happen, but anything can happen ”, the model said with a laugh, assuring that, After six months of breastfeeding Noah, she plans to start a “campaign pro drink again ”, reflected Silva.

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