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Aries: In the period from the 24th to the 26th date, you will strive for independence, actively prove yourself on the love front. New acquaintances will succeed during the trip, business trip. Don’t become unduly jealous!

Taurus: Dedicate time to your interests by attending events, parties organized by friends. There are good dating opportunities unless you are sitting at home. You will ignore the restrictions. As for the intimate side of life, this is definitely your day!

Twins: Today the moon will enter the sign of Leo, where it will be for two more days. This will make you feel coveted, able to impress the opposite sex. It is clear that during this period you will be active in bed, at least try to be.

Cancer: Starting on Wednesday, you will become more confident, which will make it easier to build relationships and get to know each other. If you already have the other half, indulge in the joys of love. Be a little more original in bed, think about how to surprise your partner.

Lion: You will probably spend a lot of money to fulfill your wishes, but you will take care that your relatives are not short of anything. You will prove yourself on the best side of the work, you will also be satisfied.

Virgo: A day suitable for realizing ambitions, you will manage to stand out. Even the unemployed can try to find their place right now. However, if you want to get acquainted, be sure to use the period from February 24 to 26.

Scales: The background of the day is creative, regardless of whether you currently have to work from home or be involved in some artistic projects. You can also deal with issues of a material and legal nature.

Scorpio: There will be no problems in the professional field if you do not give in to stereotypes, prejudices! Of course, Scorpio cannot do without sex. So you know that this is the best way to express yourself in this area on February 24-25.

Sagittarius: On Wednesday, when the Moon passes into the Lion, you will feel an influx of energy, including sexual energy. You can go out with your loved one or spend time at home, most importantly in bed. Find time for work all day long!

Capricorn: Will focus on career. Someone will be looking for a job, another will be looking for a promotion. The material side of life will be important, you will analyze, calculate and think about future possibilities a lot.

Aquarius: Patience will not be your strength today. Be sure not to give in to provocations from the sidelines, someone may deliberately try to knock you out of balance. However, a representative of a sign may succeed in gaining authority in the eyes of others.

Fish: The creative representatives of the brand will prove themselves perfectly at work. In the intimate field, you will show yourself best today, which does not mean that you can not have sex on other days. You will simply be more preoccupied with the spiritual side of the relationship.

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