Weekend weather: a storm is followed by sun

Nafter stormy days, the weather is calm again. This is thanks to Hoch “Quedlinburga”, said the German Weather Service (DWD) on Friday. Sunday in particular will be beautiful. At first the sun could still be covered by fog, but it should dissipate in the course of the morning. Saturday usually starts with clouds, but gradually it loosens up, especially in the south. Individual showers are possible in the north. The temperatures rise to 8 to 14 degrees.

At night it gets cold on the weekend, even light frost is possible. “So if you haven’t brought your sensitive plants indoors, you should do so now. Unless they fell victim to the storm, ”advised DWD meteorologist Markus Übel.

The coming week starts calmly, mainly in the south. The sun comes out here again and again, rain is rather rare, predicted the DWD. On the other hand, clouds and rain keep coming in over the north. During the day, 12 to 17 degrees are possible, and according to the forecast, the nights will also be milder.

The strong autumn storm subsided in most parts of Germany on Friday. Lower Saxony and Bremen were shaken again with some gale-force gusts. The East Frisian Islands and the coast in particular continued to feel the storm. On Spiekeroog, the DWD recorded a gust of wind force 11 at 104 kilometers per hour until early Friday afternoon. The police stations and fire brigades in the country did not report any major operations. “It is much quieter than expected,” said a fire department spokesman in the Aurich district. According to the weather service, the storm should slowly run out of breath by Saturday morning at the latest.

Rail traffic normalized again. On the other hand, on the coast, the ferries still had to struggle with the storm and, as a result, higher water levels. Once again, individual ferries to some East Frisian islands were canceled or postponed.


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