Weekend weather: return of the snow

Weekend weather: return of the snow – © All rights reserved

Two snowy episodes are planned this weekend in Belgium. The first will arrive tomorrow afternoon and will mainly concern the east of the country. The second is expected to affect most regions on Sunday evening.

It is a mass of cold air which returned to Belgium after the disturbance which evacuated by the East this Friday morning.

Return of frosts next night

The temperatures will be negative on the heights of the provinces of Liège and Luxembourg. A few rain showers could affect the West during the night. Elsewhere, clouds will arrive via the French border ahead of a disruption scheduled for this Saturday afternoon.

This Saturday morning: already some winter precipitation in the Ardennes

While the clouds will be more and more numerous, some snow showers may be triggered in the Ardennes.

Saturday afternoon: arrival of the disturbance

It will be rain in the west and in the center, rain and snow south of the Sillon Sambre-et-Meuse above 200 meters above sea level and snow above 300 meters above sea level. . However, with the onset of night, this snow could give an accumulation of a few centimeters above 200 meters south of the Sillon Sambre-et-Meuse.

Sunday: clearings before snow in the evening

The risk of downpours will be practically non-existent during the day. Beautiful clearings will develop before the return of a disturbance at the end of the day. The latter will whiten the soil in most areas.

The rain will be on Wednesday

The floors will therefore be bleached on Monday morning. An unstable day where the clearings will alternate with showers often winter.

After a beautiful day on Tuesday, the rain returned on Wednesday with a rain-snow transition before the arrival of a cold month air mass. The rain will be very abundant at the end of January. With the return of mildness, the rain in abundance and the snowpack that will melt, even on the heights, we will monitor the level of the rivers.

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