Weekly oil price losses by 7.7% for Brent and 8.9% for WTI

registered oil prices Crude has its biggest weekly losses in nine months, at the conclusion of the trading sessions in the futures markets last Friday, as the international benchmark Brent crude contracts fell 7.7% compared to the end of the previous week, and the prices of the US West Texas Intermediate crude contracts fell 8.9%.

and recorded prices oil $65.18 a barrel, for the futures contracts for the global benchmark, Brent, at the settlement on Friday, and the futures contracts for West Texas Intermediate crude for September delivery recorded $ 62.32 a barrel.

And the International Energy Agency warned of a sudden rise in oil demand, reversing its currently slow trajectory in the rest of the world due to the spread of the mutated Delta strain of Corona. At a sharp pace, it seems that the new restrictions to combat Corona imposed in several large oil-consuming countries, especially in Asia, will reduce movement and use of oil.


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