«’Weekly report’ is a memory format»

Marisa Rodríguez Palop (Llerena, Badajoz, 50 years old) opens tonight at 9:30 p.m. as the presenter of ‘Weekly Report’, which arrives with two reports on the coronavirus situation. The first, focused on Asturias, the community with the least incidence, and the second, in Venice, which this weekend closes its most anomalous Mostra, with hardly any stars and audience in its streets and cinemas.

-How do you face commanding this new format?

-With great enthusiasm, and with great responsibility too. For me, it is an honor to present ‘Weekly Report’, a referential, veteran, resilient program that is part of the collective memory of Spaniards, especially journalists. It is a luxury to be in charge of such a program in times of extreme volatility, because it is a format with history and memory.

-Do you consider it a step forward in your career?

-All the changes that I have experienced in my career I have considered one more step. It is true that sometimes they have been more visible, from the viewer’s point of view, and others less, but I believe that all the steps have served me well and that I have learned from them.

-Do you miss your days as a correspondent?

-Sometimes. Now they are with the trial of ‘Charlie Hebdo’, and I get a bug … because I lived that. For those of us who have done street information, that is our vocation, and we love to have direct contact with the protagonists, although then the media demand very short times, very concise statements, and justice is not always done to all the content that you give. That remains for you and for your learning, which is an invaluable wealth.

-And get in front of the camera?

-That makes me a little dizzy, because I haven’t done it for a long time (laughs). I did it when I was presenting the regional news in Extremadura and Andalusia, which was in the 90s. I suppose that the first days I will be a little more concerned about doing it with ease and doing it well, but I don’t give too much importance to that either.

-This summer there was a lot of commotion with the changes in the TVE correspondents …

-The relays are normal. I have also been relieved, and it is common. Another thing is how each one experiences it, the moment they are in, the expectations they have, the conversations they have with the management on duty … (José Ramón) Patterson, Lorenzo Milá and Miguel Ángel Idígoras are three excellent professionals and three good companions and friends. Each one will tell it from their own experience and I cannot speak for them, but I do say that the relays have always happened and that there have been many very brilliant correspondents who have returned to Madrid and who do other things. I, in particular, take it naturally to go from one cycle to another, and I try to get the best out of each moment.

-What do you think if you look back at when you wanted to study Journalism?

-My God … This has nothing to do with what I imagined it to be at that time. There are entertainment programs in which information is leaked, politicians appear in practically all formats … This has changed a lot, and so have we. We are obliged to change and adapt to all this. One of the things I like about ‘Informe weekly’ is that it is a program that maintains the challenge of bringing up its own themes with new angles, but without giving up its serene gaze and analysis. Although now everything is going so fast that a topic on Monday maybe Saturday already seems repetitive, because everything has been told. A lot of songs burn during the week, and when Saturday comes around you have to look for a different angle.

-What moment comes to mind first, after all these years?

-Many moments: The death of Miguel Ángel Blanco, Lampedusa, the earthquake in L’Aquila, the resignation of Pope Benedict, the terrorist attacks that changed the lives of Paris and all of us, the fire of Notre Dame … I have lived through many things, and the truth is that I am proud to have been able to do that job.


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