Weinstein trial: Gigi Hadid excluded as jury

In the criminal case involving the overthrown film mogul Harvey Weinstein (67), no star will sit on the twelve-member jury. Supermodel Gigi Hadid, 24, recently drawn by the State of New York as one of the potential juries, was officially sorted out by the court on January 16, like the US site “Page Six”, the celebrity portal of the “New York Post” , reports. Accordingly, on the eighth day of the selection process, she was only in the Manhattan Supreme Court for 15 minutes before she was allowed to leave the courthouse again.

Not impartial?

Her main friendship with model colleague Cara Delevingne (27, “Carnival Row”) is cited as the main reason that Hadid was not considered impartial to act as a jury in the process. She is one of the many famous women who have claimed to have been sexually harassed by Weinstein in the past. When asked by the responsible judge in the Weinstein trial whether Hadid could still remain impartial, she replied at a previous hearing: “I think I am still open to the facts.” The court apparently saw this differently.

Around 80 women, including actresses such as Ashley Judd (51), Angelina Jolie (44), Gwyneth Paltrow (47) and Uma Thurman (49), accuse the ex-producer of being violent. If Weinstein is found guilty, the 67-year-old faces a life sentence. Another abuse process awaits him in Los Angeles: Weinstein is accused of raping or sexually assaulting two women in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills in 2013. Weinstein still denies all allegations.

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