Welcome aboard: Celeste Muriega and a hot dance dedicated to Hernán Drago

Since the rumors of romance began to roll between Celeste Muriega Y Hernan Drago, the attitude of colleagues in Welcome aboard it was, to put it somehow, erratic.

It began with denial, then with knowing glances, and later with a set of assumptions for the audience and, why not, for them too. They had already had their moment on Valentine’s Day, but in the last broadcast the round trip began to rise in temperature.

At the time of the dance, in which famous people compete as a pure morisqueta to please one of two anonymous participants, Muriega opted for a hot choreography. So when Guido the Duck gave way, the model came out of the props plane dressed in a wedding dress. In the background Jennifer López sang “The ring”, yes, that song that says: “I have never felt something so great. And your wild side drives me crazy. You’ve given me so much that I’ve been thinking. I already have everything, but what about the ring for when?

They hadn’t gotten to the chorus when the outfit in question became a playful piece of lingerie, more in keeping with wedding night than church. Celeste Muriega danced sensual to the rhythm of the music, while the conductor made irony about the message between the lines.

In turn, Hernán Drago did not refer to what happened, but Muriega could not avoid being tempted by the model’s morisquettes and confessing: “He makes me laugh, everything in him makes me laugh.”


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