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Professional sports clubs will be able to breathe a little easier. They will get lost funds to deal with their financial difficulties. This aid from the Confederation is in addition to the loans already granted, but is subject to strict conditions.

The amounts of this aid will be calculated on the basis of the revenue for the 2018/2019 season, and compensation may go up to two-thirds of the amount of ticket office losses. But professional or semi-professional clubs who ask for help will have to reduce very high salaries on a long-term basis and forgo paying dividends.

Of the 175 million of the amount intended for loans in 2021, 115 million will be devoted to these non-refundable aid.

>> The explanations in La Matinale:

Professional sports clubs get a lost fund / La Matinale / 2 min. / today at 06:00

“I am very happy that the Federal Council has taken the step we were asking for in just two weeks. The speed with which politics is moving makes us happy”, explains Filippo Lombardi, president of the Ambri-Piotta hockey club, in La Matinale.

“Now let’s be clear, 115 million sounds like a lot, but it is not a windfall that will fall from the sky on the sports clubs. No less than 50 professional clubs and 90 semi-professional clubs will benefit from it. We will have to be satisfied. of a small part, but it is an important complement to the loans which have already been decided “, adds the former adviser to the States of Ticino.

>> The interview with Filippo Lombardi in La Matinale:

Filippo Lombardi, president of HC Ambri-Piotta, on the Federal Council’s support for sport (video) / The current affairs guest / 7 min. / today at 07:17

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