Well-known musician denounces racism after his son was wrongly accused of stealing an iPhone

The American musician of African American descent, Keyon Harrold, denounced on his social networks having suffered discrimination with his son, in a confusing incident where he was falsely accused of stealing a cell phone.

The artist recorded at all times what happened a couple of days ago, where a woman rebuked him and pointed out like the thief who would have stolen your cell phone in the lobby of the Arlo Soho hotel in Manhattan, where the alleged victim yelled at the 14-year-old teenager, demanding that he return his phone, as reported CBS News.

Harrold was outraged at being wrongly accused and pointed out that it was a discriminatory and racist act against him and his 14-year-old son: “Do you feel like there is only one iPhone made in the world?” He asked wryly.

After this confrontation, a hotel official burst in, but did not calm down much, on the contrary. “You are not helping, what you are doing is disrespectful … My son has nothing to do with her, “the musician claimed, who later recounted these events on his Instagram.

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At the same time, Harrold’s son did not want to show the phone because both he and his father considered that it was all part of an arbitrary accusation, so they were not obliged to comply with the demands of the woman who pointed them with a treatment that they considered disrespectful.

The woman who reported the robbery at one point fell to the ground in her nervousness.

Later, after exposing the videos on their networks, the hotel had to come out to apologize for what happened, but that was not enough for Katty Rodríguez, mother of the minor., who claimed that the apologies were only hasty thanks to the pressure that existed on social networks.

It should be noted that Keyon Harrold is a renowned jazz musician and producer, who has worked with such artists as Beyoncé and Jay-Z and has more than 90 thousand followers on Instagram.

This man was not at all satisfied with everything that happened, so he announced that this Wednesday he will give a press conference at City Hall Park in New York, to refer in detail to these events that are part of a new episode of racial act in the United States.


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