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Off to the dog hotel for therapy!

The corona pandemic is also changing the lives of many pets. Hoteliers are trying to help with wellness or therapy offerings for dogs. And there are well-intentioned tips for the owners of the four-legged friends.

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Why we melt away with this look

Who can resist a faithful dog look? With their facial expressions, the four-legged friends imitate sad people. Through domestication, they have learned that they benefit from it.

ADogs also suffer from home office times. They like ritualized daily routines. Usually they are used to the fact that masters and mistresses are often out and about. If you take it exactly: Dogs enjoy it, at least when there are two of them, to have their peace and quiet.

For the fun of it, many pet owners install cameras to control what their four-legged friends are doing during their absence. Mostly: nothing. As soon as the front door has closed, most dogs jump on sofas and armchairs, which they are not allowed to do otherwise, slouch, crumple pillows until they fit properly, and doze until they hear the key turn. But then they already jumped down, and only a warm hollow is evidence of the lottery experience.

But with the home office, the cosiness is over. Only dog ​​bed on the floor instead of cuddly couch, and there is always someone who talks, annoys, pats or asks to go for a walk. Not a quiet dog minute! Only travel therapy for dogs will help.

Hotels offer wellness for the dog

And indeed, there are dog-friendly hoteliers who, even in these times, think about such animal needs – and take remedial action. According to the motto: if the dog is doing well, the person is happy. So off to the dog hotel for therapy!

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The selection is large, the Austrian holiday portal Hundehotel.info lists 500 accommodations in German-speaking countries, many of which offer wellness, for the dog. From lymphatic drainage to magnetic field therapy to spinal massage to overcome blockages from lying around (for example in the “Hotel Wolf” in Oberammergau or in the South Tyrolean “Hotel Mair am Ort”).

But there is also a promising Bach flower therapy if the stressed dog is constantly nibbling on its paws (for example in the “Natur-Hund-Hotel Bergfried” in the Bavarian Forest).

Dog owners also get well-intentioned behavior tips: talk less! There are studies by the University of Florida and Arizona State University that say that dogs can easily do without long conversations and verbal praise. But not for delicacies.

More and more pets are landing on the street

In the corona crisis, more and more pets are abandoned worldwide and fewer animals are adopted. Aid projects like “The Haven” are making it difficult, in Germany the situation looks comparatively good.

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