Wendler: ex-buddy shocked by new house in Florida – “everything construction site”

Timo Berger visited his archenemy Michael Wendler in the USA.

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Michael Wendler has just moved into his new house when he already has visitors. However, from archenemy Timo Berger, who certainly didn’t come to drink coffee.

NRW/Florida – Timo Berger is not only a travel entrepreneur, but also a former good friend of Michael Wendler (49). Due to money demands, the friendship between the two broke up. Now Berger has paid the pop singer a visit to his homeland. However, he did not come with good intentions.

crooner Michael Wendler
Born June 22, 1972 (age 49 years) in Dinslaken
Current spouse Laura Müller (married 2020)
Kinder Adeline Norberg

Michael Wendler: Archenemy Timo Berger shows up at his new house in Florida

Timo Berger shows exclusive insights into the life of Michael Wendler on Instagram. The travel agent and former wedding planner for Wendler and his wife Laura Müller (21) simply showed up at the house of the two lovebirds (all news about celebrities and TV on RUHR24).

Just a few weeks ago, Michael Wendler and Laura Müller moved from Cape Coral in Florida (USA) to Babcock Ranch – a planned community in Florida with an area of ​​around 70 square kilometers. When Timo Berger comes to the quarter, however, he is not at all enthusiastic: “Greetings from the Babcock Ranch. Here is a construction site, here a model house [Anm. d. Red.: Gemeint ist ein Musterhaus]. Construction site after construction site, so really not a nice residential area. And there, on this side, Michael and Laura’s house. Everyone gets what they deserve. The neighborhood: construction site upon construction site. All construction site.”

Timo Berger shows the house and property of Michael Wendler and Laura Müller on Instagram

In the video on Instagram, Timo Berger shows the street where the pop singer lives with his family. Many houses are just being built, construction sites are everywhere and there is sand on the streets. But Wendler’s house is also shown. A cottage with a front yard and spooky Halloween decorations. The house is painted in a beige tone and has two garages.

On a tour of Michael Wendler’s house, however, Timo Berger notices something: “The good thing is: You can also just walk on the neighboring property, it’s still undeveloped.” No sooner said than done – and Timo Berger is already running in the video off and marching around the house of Michael Wendler and Laura Müller.

Timo Berger gives intimate insights into the lives of Michael Wendler and Laura Müller on Instagram

A fence does not delimit Wendler’s property. So you have a perfect view of the property – you could theoretically just enter it and sit in the garden. Speaking of the garden: there is not only a conservatory with a pool, but also something else.

“There seems to be a dog run on the side here, so you don’t have to walk the tiger,” Timo Berger draws his conclusions. The pool also seems out of place for him: “You could lie there now. Beautifully visible for all neighbors. Incredible. The whole thing is said to cost over $6,000 in rent. No terrace, not homely. Well, I do not know. I would only live here voluntarily if I could still get money.”

Michael Wendler lives with his wife and dog in a new development in Florida

One thing catches Timo Berger’s attention: there is a shelf on the small whirlpool, which appears to be integrated into the large pool. Berger is certain that this is for cigars: “Ah look there, a shelf for cigars. For the evening in the whirlpool. Life is enjoyed there. Since the conspiracy theories are thrown out, people believe it. Or maybe he’s recording his voicemails there, cigar in mouth, lying in the hot tub, laughing his ass off for people to believe. You don’t know, but really not nice. Not at all,” Berger concludes in the video.

Video: Michael Wendler threatens to comeback in Germany

Of course, Timo Berger also knows Michael Wendler’s old house in Cape Coral, which he is said to have previously sold for a profit: “I can’t help it, but I don’t have the words for it. To describe that, even if it might only be an interim solution for a year. That’s definitely 38 categories worse than what they had in Cape Coral. As I said – also the neighborhood with the Dixi toilet and the container. A busy street and accessible to everyone, this is not a gated community.”

Timo Berger shows Michael Wendler’s house: car number plate surprises

Timo Berger goes back to the front of the house in the Instagram video and points to the pop singer’s car, which he received from his girlfriend Laura in an impressive video. However, it is not the black pick-up itself that catches the eye, but the license plate. This reads: “EGAAL”. Of course, an allusion to Michael Wendler’s song “Egal”, which is even about to go gold. “But who has such a license plate …”, Berger amused.

In the comments, many of Berger’s followers laugh about the pop singer’s current living situation: “Ring the bell and introduce yourself as a new neighbor – the view is priceless,” writes a user. “Look, if a neighboring house is for sale or rent! He would certainly welcome you as a neighbor there, ”writes another follower.

Laura Müller and Michael Wendler in September 2019. It was one of the couple’s first appearances. Over two years later, they can no longer be found performing in public.

© Revierfoto/dpa

Michael Wendler and his house: Users react to Timo Berger’s video

However, there is also criticism against Timo Berger. Many find the residential area of ​​Michael Wendler and Laura Müller to be very beautiful. “‘a busy road’ oh wow, they live really badly. So honestly. Very few understand your video now. The house is quite passable and the fact that there is still construction going on all around is not a problem for me either, ”is just one of the critical comments under the video.

But Timo Berger has not responded to any comments so far – because he is busy. In his Instagram story, Berger shows how he patrols all the police stations and offices in the area so that he can continue to push Wendler in.

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