Western Digital Expands Xbox Storage with WD_BLACK C50 and Offers Xbox Game Pass Trial

2023-08-07 06:05:17

Western Digital joins the camp of storage expansion cards that comply with the Xbox Velocity architecture, first launching the 1TB WD_BLACK C50, and offering a one-month trial of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. The Xbox Series X|S expansion memory card that was exclusively launched by Seagate in the past and corresponds to the Xbox Velocity architecture is also confirmed to be provided by Western Digital. The first wave of the WD_BLACK C50 expansion card corresponds to a maximum storage capacity of 1TB. It is also based on Xbox Velocity Architecture production, so that consumers can have more choices. Like the Xbox Series X|S expansion memory card launched by Seagate, the WD_BLACK C50 expansion card launched by Western Digital can also directly speed up the transfer of game content, and adopts the design style of WD_BLACK series products, which also conforms to the plug-and-play feature. Any tool can be installed and used at any time, and even the disassembly process does not need any tool assistance. The WD_BLACK C50 expansion card currently offers 512GB and 1TB storage capacities, and the suggested prices are NT$3,190 and NT$5,290, respectively. When purchasing, you will have the opportunity to get a one-month free trial service of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. In addition to launching a dedicated expansion card for Xbox Series X|S, Western Digital also recently launched WD_BLACK SN850P NVMe SSD for PlayStation 5 expansion needs, providing 1TB, 2TB and 4TB storage capacity specifications respectively. The suggested prices are NT$4888 and NT$8888 respectively. Yuan and 15888 yuan.

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