Westerners no longer accept human losses

ANALYSIS – Opposite, their opponents, they are not afraid of death, which they sometimes glorify.

In the Sahel as in Afghanistan, each time a French soldier dies, emotion wins. It trains ministers and sometimes even the president in the field. It arouses tributes, sometimes at the Invalides, for those who lost their lives defending France, its security and its values. It installs in one of the media and in the words of politicians the same question: shouldn’t we leave as quickly as possible? After the death of four French soldiers in Afghanistan in January 2012, Nicolas Sarkozy had accelerated the withdrawal of the fighting forces, asked to pack up a year before the rest of the coalition. The death of five French soldiers in a week in Mali raised questions about the future of Operation Barkhane.

As it was in Afghanistan, the question is legitimate in the Sahel. Seven years after the launch of Operation Serval in Mali, the jihadist threat has not been eradicated. The local armies have been ineffective and brutal,

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