WeTV leverages its 3X strategy, aims for 2023 to become the 2nd No. 2 video streaming player in Southeast Asia.

WeTV, a video streaming platform provider through websites and applications under Tencent (Thailand) Co., Ltd., promotes the 3X strategy to shake the OTT market, aiming to grow 3 times, and is ready to become a female player. 2nd place in Southeast Asia in 2023

Mr. Kaichen Lee, Head of WeTV and IFlix, SEA, discusses the over-the-top (OTT) video streaming market in Southeast Asia. Today, over 180 million users account for 31% of their reach. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, 57% of OTT users spend their time watching video streaming content. more ming This is in line with WeTV’s global performance, with more than 45 million monthly active users (MAUs) (Jan.-Aug. 21), video views more than 25 million per. day

In addition, the number of WeTV subscription users has grown by more than 150% compared to the same period last year. The key markets are in Southeast Asia, led by Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia and Vietnam.


Ms. Kanokporn Prachyaset, Chief Marketing and Sales Officer and Manager of WeTV Thailand, Tencent (Thailand) Co., Ltd., said that the current trend of content consumption on OTT continues to increase.

Overall, WeTV in Thailand found that WeTV is highly regarded by Thais. In the period Jan.-August 2021, WeTV saw a 63% increase in DAU users from 2020 and remains the No. 1 platform with users. Advertising Video On Demand (AVOD) and ranked No. 2 in subscription users. (Subscription Video On Demand (SVOD)) In the first 6 months, WeTV had an average monthly active users (MAU) of 13 million, more than 70% of them were women, of which 29% were aged 18-24 and the other 26. % aged 25-34 years


As for the content that has grown the most and the most prominent on WeTv is Chinese content, which has a growth rate of 137%, while Thai content has grown 40% and anime content has grown 93%. compared to last year Factors from cooperation with partners inbusinesswith a variety of content with more than 40 cases, helping to increase the choice of audiences in Thailand Including offering content that covers all needs, whether Chinese, Thai, Korean, Japanese, including series, dramas, movies, anime and variety shows, including more than 800 content on the platform. or having a total content of more than 1 million minutes


for the 2021-2023 operational guidelines using the 3X strategy as a drivenbusinessto continuously grow as follows:


Expansion – Expanding WeTV’s Content Accessibility in Every Dimension

  • Increasing the content library for Chinese, Thai, Korean and Japanese series, expanding the portfolio in the anime segment of up-and-coming content, Y-series, variety shows, and e-sports.
  • Collaborate with alliances, including television station alliances, such as Channel 8, which will help increase the reach of TV viewers. and increase the opportunity to use the WeTV platform more
    • Business Leadership Partners in many fields, including Telco Group, Payment Services Group
    • OTT Device group alliance to increase online viewing channels and facilitate the payment of services to the audience more
    • Collaborate with lifestyle platforms such as e-commerce businesses. delivery business or redeeming points, etc.
    • Tencent Thailand partners such as Sanook, JOOX, PUBG MOBILE and WeComics to increase awareness channels with users of various platforms. to be able to access more WeTV content

Extra Experience – Enjoy a full-flavored entertainment experience.

  • It offers unique features such as the hugely popular Flying comment feature with more than 3X the growth and 1.5 million comments per month, the Ins-screen feature, the Vote feature, the special feature with accumulation. VIP Digital Gift Card” to give as a gift and share entertainment with friends, Fast Track feature with a 4X growth in usage from 2020, and Rent feature to rent exclusive content on the platform. Live broadcasting of programs in various formats such as variety and e-sports
  • Build a strong community by creating an exclusive shared experience for viewers through various activities that connects the online world And offline together, such as fan meetings with WeTV Global Brand Ambassador, all to provide a shared experience for users to stay with WeTV for a longer time.

Exclusivity – Delivering more exclusivity


  • Get to watch the first content (First Run), look back (Rerun) and quality content selection, both original Chinese content. and Thailand to present to the fans Thai people watch continuously Whether it’s content from Tencent Video Either a large-format series or a variety show from China. and content from major Thai manufacturers partners
  • Aiming to be the platform that produces the most original Thai content In the second half of this year, WeTV joins hands with leading content producer partners in Thailand to launch WeTV ORIGINAL All 13 original Thai content, bringing entertainment with “Mia Luang”, a “Clear Face Trainer” Fill the heart of Nai Ying”, “Kol Rak Senior”, “Bangkok Fable” and “The Office Is Hilarious”. Prepare to open the screen and wait to watch on the WeTV application only.

Based on the aforementioned 3X strategy, WeTV is confident that it can achieve its goal of 3X growth in Thailand and to be the No. 2 video streaming platform player in Southeast Asia. Released in 2023, it is the most used platform for original content. Ready to push Thai content to the global market Create business opportunities for the Thai entertainment industry as well as helping to increase marketing opportunities for customers, leading Media Agency aptitudes effectively


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