What a season without the Champions League would mean

BVB played nine times in the Champions League in the last ten years, only once – in the 2015/2016 season – the Pott-Klub had to play in the Europa League. This horror scenario could occur again for the Dortmunders for the first time. (The table of the Bundesliga)

Midfield star Julian Brandt called for the 2-4 clap in Gladbach: “We have to be careful. The games are getting fewer and fewer, we have to score.”

After the Gladbach bankruptcy – by the way, already the seventh (!) In this Bundesliga season – there is an alarm mood at BVB! (The voices for the game)

The month of January, which was issued as “trend-setting” internally, is turning into a fiasco. After this matchday, Dortmund have slipped to 7th place for the time being. The Pott-Klub has long been able to remove the make-up from the championship, now it’s just a matter of saving yourself with all your might in the top 4.

Watzke: CL participation “not given by God”

Failure to reach the lucrative premier class would dramatically set the vice-champion back in his development. “It is not a matter of course that we – with the exception of the last time in 2015 – always end up in the Champions League,” said club boss Hans-Joachim Watzke recently in the Kicker. “We mustn’t think that this is God-given.”

One thing is clear: Without the Champions League, Borussia would be missing TV and sponsorship income of 40 million euros. While there are 15.25 million for just participating in the Champions League group stage, there are only 2.92 in the Europa League. A victory in the Champions League brings 2.7 million, a three in the Euro League almost five times as few (570,000). The differences are huge.

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A Euro League year would really hurt BVB in Corona time. After SPORT1-Information, the Pott-Klub expects a minus of more than 100 million euros. As a reminder: Borussia misses out on a whopping 4 million euros in every home game without fans.

Missing the premier class would be “not threatening your existence”, as Watzke says, “but it forces you to take a step back, maybe two.” (Service: Results and schedule)

What will happen to Sancho and Haaland?

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Two steps back means: BVB would have to give up at least one top player in the summer. The bosses are counting on the departure of wing racer Jadon Sancho anyway. Almost impossible, however, that you will get the 120 million euros demanded in the summer. In addition to Sancho, you would have to cash in with another star. There would be a market for Raphael Guerreiro, Julian Brandt or Dan-Axel Zagadou. In addition, one would almost be forced to give up expensive bench pushers like Nico Schulz or Mahmoud Dahoud and replace them with new players.

BVB needs a break in summer!

The big question that will surely arise if you miss the Champions League: Does superstar Erling Haaland even want to play in the qualitatively weaker Europa League? The release clause of the 20-year-old Norwegian, which is said to be more than 75 million euros, applies SPORT1-Information not until 2022. BVB would hardly give him the change clearance this summer.

Missing the Champions League would have far-reaching consequences for BVB. “If the income from the Champions League is no longer there, you can no longer afford a squad of this size,” says Watzke. “Then you have to use the red pencil.”

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Annually, the Dortmund company spends personnel costs of 205.1 million euros on its 850 employees. More than 150 million of them flow into the professional squad alone.

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Another wage waiver by the licensed players would be of fundamental importance if the audience continued to fail. After SPORT1-Information, the professionals waive at least 10 percent of their salary until March. This saves the club 1.25 million euros a month. The bosses are currently in good talks with the team council that it will be extended to June 30th.

Rose remains the coach’s dream solution

A year without the premier class would inevitably change BVB. A new trainer will come in the summer. Marco Rose remains the ideal solution. The interest has already been registered in Gladbach and Rose, but the 44-year-old has not yet made a decision. BVB would serve the exit clause of around 5 million euros.

There is fear of Europe in Dortmund! In the end, only the team can prevent a horror scenario. She has a duty. Interim coach Edin Terzic, who continues to have the backing of the club’s superiors, demands: “That is not enough when it comes to the demands that we have. Now we have to roll up our sleeves and score again.”

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