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PSYCHOLOGICAL CHECK. From Monday February 1, the psy check should allow better psychological support for students affected by the health crisis.

[Mis à jour le 29 janvier 2021 à 08h59] It is a fact, the health crisis of coronavirus has deleterious effects on the minds of the French. Isolation reinforced by distance education, lack of income due to the loss of odd jobs … Students are particularly affected. To respond to this distress, the President of the Republic announced several measures during a trip on January 21 to the University of Paris-Saclay (Essonne), including the creation of a “psy check”. “[Il doit] allow all young people who need it much easier access, and with care, to a professional – psychologist, psychiatrist, “said Emmanuel Macron. What about the amount? How do I apply for it? Linetrnaute.com takes stock of this famous psy check which should actually see the light of day on February 1, 2021.

Note: you are a student, but do you know the BAPUs? As the public service site reminds us, the University Psychological Assistance Offices are “consultation centers open to all students who want psychological assistance (the CROUS will give you the contact details)”. You have no upfront costs: consultations are fully covered by Social Security and mutual funds. Visit the website soutien-etudiant.info to know all the devices by academy.

As explained above, the objective of “check psychological “for students is to facilitate access to psychological or psychiatric care from a health professional. A priori, all students should be concerned, regardless of their background and income level .

Will the students be handed out a check to go see it? Will aid be paid upstream or downstream of the consultation? The Minister of Higher Education, Frédérique Vidal provided some details at the microphone of Jean-Jacques Bourdin.

“It is a free treatment course that will be set up, it is a virtual check if we can say so”, she detailed on January 22. “We have a lot of students who testify to psychological distress. The first thing already is that we manage to convince them to say it: when we are 18, 20 years old, it must have been hard to say that ‘We’re going badly, seeing a shrink is complicated. Hence the idea of ​​training referents, tutors, and therefore other students so that they encourage them to talk about it. And then organize a course of care , that means seeing a doctor and that the doctor is able to prescribe, either a psychological help, or to go to see a psychiatrist “.

Clear, you must first consult a general practitioner. It is the latter who will determine the most appropriate care for your situation. “The support will be done upstream, there will be nothing to pay for a follow-up and care course with a psychologist, which is not currently the case”, added the minister.

As you will have understood, the term of “psy check” is, in reality, somewhat overused, since the students will not perceive a psychological check allowing them to consult a psychologist or a psychiatrist. In fact, you will first have to go to your general practitioner so that he can assess the most appropriate treatment.

The whole question now is to what extent will the care pathway be supported. Will a student be able to consult the psychologist or psychiatrist as many times as he wishes? Will there be a consultation limit that should not be exceeded? All these details have not yet been recorded. They should a priori be unveiled on Monday, February 1. According to a government source quoted by AFP, the system will cover “a certain number” of consultations, estimated “between 30 and 40 euros” per unit.

Will the consultation with the general practitioner also be reimbursed? So far, nothing has been announced yet. As a student, remember to favor remote consultation or teleconsultation in this time of health crisis. Not only do you limit the risk of transmissions during this period, but you also benefit from100% support!

“During the period of the epidemic, all remote consultations, whatever the reason, are fully covered by the Health Insurance until the end of the state of health emergency “, we remind on the Ameli site. “If the healthcare professional uses third-party payment, the patient has nothing to pay. If the healthcare professional does not use third-party payment or in the case of excess fees, the patient must pay for the act performed to distance depending on the means of payment chosen by the healthcare professional he consults: online payment, transfer, check, etc. “.

We will have to wait until February 1, 2021 to find out more. One thing is for sure, as a student you will not have to ask for a physical “psych check”. You will necessarily have to consult a general practitioner. It is the latter who will be responsible for establishing a prescription for sessions with a psychologist or psychiatrist.

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