“What anguish…”: Cecilia Bolocco made a huge mistake with her Instagram live

Written in TRENDS the 13/5/2022 · 10:20 hs

Since a time ago Cecilia Boloco She chose to do live broadcasts every week through Instagram to share with her dear followers as well as show her new clothing collection and the next launch of her perfume that makes her very happy.

Along these lines, a couple of days ago he did a live on this social network in which he received an unexpected request from a follower who wrote to him: “Cecilia, will you marry me?”. After this, the cheerleader immediately laughed and replied: “How cute! I can not believe you! Are you asking me to marry you?

Then he wanted to find out more about the famous account by asking. “Who is he?”, however she was surprised that he belongs to a pet home realtor from what she commented. “That’s easy, how am I going to marry a pet realtor? I don’t know who is behind the message. Give me a clue, a sign”Cecilia Bolocco mentioned, very intrigued by the flirtatious request.

The anguish of Cecilia Bolocco

But this time the former Miss Universe returns to the fore after suffering an unexpected disappointment that left her very sad, as revealed by the recording she was making, it was not saved so it was deleted and she had to do a live again to explain to her fans.

“I am broadcasting and I am so sad, my direct was deleted and now I have no one”started saying, visibly affected, adding, “my live that I just did was completely erased.”

“I was with Máximo, I went to give him some kisses, and I went to ask him which cover photo he liked the most, and then I started writing the description of the aroma of my perfume, and everything was erased. My screen went black, ”she commented very sadly.

“What anguish, it is as if one recorded a program and is going to upload it and the TV turns off, what a tragedy”he pointed.

“I uploaded this little live to give them a kiss and say good night, now I’m going to eat, and then go to sleep, but I love them very much,” closed the former Miss Universe.

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