What are all the sequels that covid-19 can leave

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During the first months of the pandemic, there was little clarity about what were the symptoms of the coronavirus. With the progress of the investigations, that changed and therefore Today we know what pathologies represent that we had coronavirus.

“Patients may not have fever, diarrhea or confusional pictures, especially in older people who have this type of prevalence”, He asserted Gabriela Piovano, infectious disease doctor, who later completed: “There are several studies that show that several older people had confusion associated with the coronavirus ”.

In times of low temperatures the doubts grow and the suspicions of a possible positive covid-19, of course, too. “The last thing that was incorporated as a symptom was rhinitis, Furthermore, a cold is not the same as the flu, which does not have so many components in the upper tract of the respiratory system ”, concluded Piovano.

Before this panorama, you have to be attentive to the most common and mentioned symptoms, but also at digestive ailments and different neurological disorders that we now know are associated with this ailment.

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